Bitcoin Bar Budapest

Are you a cryptocurrency fan who wants to drink something strong in Budapest? Or would you like to buy a Sprite before discovering Budapest’s remaining attractions and exciting activities? What is the Bitcoin Bar in Budapest? Where is it? Should you visit the place?

You can find Bitcoin Bar Budapest at Karoly körut 3/c. This is very close to the big Synagogue, making it a central location easy to find. It is a small bar, but with seats both inside and outside. On a nice summer day, you can discuss the latest news about Solana, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin while sipping a cup of coffee outdoors. Or if it sounds more tempting to discuss the latest MEME coins like SHIB while drinking a Hungarian Unicum inside, that is also possible.

It is nice to have a bar named after Bitcoin in Budapest. But does that make it worth visiting?

Let us take a look at the Bitcoin Bar Budapest menu.

Below you can see a picture of the Bitcoin Bar menu.

bitcoin bar budapest menu

The strange thing about the bar is that besides the name, there aren’t much on the inside or the outside that makes you think about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Shouldn’t a BItcoin Bar at least accept payments in different cryptocurrencies? And why don’t they have some more fun with the menu and call it a Satoccino instead of Cappucino or maybe rename the Jägermeister to Lambomeister (while keeping the original title next to it so people will understand what they are about to get)?

Somehow I find the place to be a bit disappointing because I would expect a Bitcoin bar to be all about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and it would be a natural place to meet fellow traders and people sharing the same interest. Instead, I feel like you could rename the place to “Stop your Thirst Bar” and it would suit the place perfectly as nothing but the name made me feel like it had anything to do with Bitcoin.

What are your thoughts?

Have you been to Bitcoin Bar Budapest? DId you like it? What are your thoughts? Write a comment below and let me hear from you!

Kazimir in Budapest – Worth a visit?

If you get hungry while walking the streets of the seventh district in Budapest, often referred to as the Jewish ghetto of Budapest, you might bump into a restaurant named Kazimir. Is it a place worth visiting? Is it a kosher restaurant?

The restaurant named Kazimir is located in the Kazinczy street in Budapest, just opposite an orthodox synagogue, and very close to some famous kosher restaurants. Based on the name, one would expect Kazimir to be a typical Jewish restaurant as well, but that isn’t the case. This is a quite traditional Hungarian restaurant, though with more of a cultural and artistic atmosphere to it. There are often live events taking place, so this is more the place for a laidback cultural evening in a Budapest restaurant.

It is easy to believe Kazimir to be a Jewish ghetto restaurant, especially considering that the Jewish district in Krakow is known as Kazimierz, but still, this is just an ordinary restaurant!

The bar in Kazimir Budapest

A great place for lunch

If you stroll the streets of Budapest and want to find a good place for lunch you can safely pay Kazimir a visit. They have daily menus available, and a three-course version will still cost you less than 2000 HUF (6 Euro). This is ideal, and you will then get to taste some freshly made food, instead of picking traditional courses from the menu (that you can be served in most other restaurants as well).

In other words, if you want a nice lunch at a good price, then this is a perfect place. And since these are daily menus, the food is almost ready when you arrive, which means that you can eat quickly (if you are in a hurry). I actually managed to eat myself through a daily lunch menu in less than 20 minutes (from I arrived until I left). Of course, that isn’t to recommend eating in such a hurry, but if you have to, then it can actually work in this place.

An example of a daily menu main course in Kazimir Budapest.

An interesting place for dinner!

If you are tired of the traditional gypsy music in many of the typical restaurants in Budapest, then the cultural programs in Kazimir will be a breath of fresh air. Here you will find jazz concerts, literature evenings with loud book reading, and so much more. And of course, you will find a menu with traditional Hungarian courses (including the Goulash soup), but also with the special pulled pork sandwich of the house, different sorts of hamburgers, salads, beef, and special courses prepared for those under 12 years. The price of a main course is normally between 2000-4000 HUF, but the most expensive meals cost around 5500 HUF.

Kazimir BUdapest

More information about Kazimir

Address: 1075, Budapest, Kazinczy utca 34.
Tlf: +36 20 354 5533
Opening times: 10.00-04.00

Pay especially attention to the opening times. Here you can have a good time, until early in the morning, just before you wake up to go to work! It is also important to notice that the restaurant is in the middle of the ruin-pub area of Budapest, meaning that the area is full of life and party-people until early morning!

Have you been to Kazimir? Feel free to write a comment to share your thoughts and comments about the restaurant!

The neighborhood of Kazimir

As I have already mentioned, there are synagogues and kosher restaurants in the vicinity of Kazimir. Just beneath, you can see a picture of the largest synagogue of Budapest (and the third-largest in the world), which is less than 500 meters from Kazimir. But, this area is also known for its ruin-pubs, and in the same street, you can find the most famous of them all, Szimpla Kert. In other words, this is an area worth visiting and exploring!

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Look around, be inspired, and enjoy your stay in Budapest!

Budapest synagogue by night pictures

The Dohányi Utcai synagogue in Budapest is the second largest in the world and it attracts hundred thousands of visitors every year. I just added some pictures of the synagogue by night for our visitors to enjoy, but I also did so to answer a question I received during a guided tour half a year ago. The tourists asked me what the “tablets” above the entrance of the synagogue are. I was not sure, but I guessed that they were some “model” of the Ten Commandments or something similar.

Tablets above Synagoue entrance

As I walked by and made these photos not long ago I zoomed in with my camera and made a picture. As I came home I checked the pictures and compared them with my Hebrew Bible. The answer; on the tables you can find parts of the Ten Commandments. The first and the third commandment are very long, so you can not find them completely, but commandments such as “You shall not kill” , “You shall not commit adultery” and “You shall not steal” can be found in its complete beauty!

Synagoue by night pictures

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