My flight arrives after 11:00 PM. Is there a Euro/Forints exchange kiosk open that late at Budapest airport?

At Budapest Airport Terminal 2A and 2B you will find an InterChange office, a place where you can change most available currencies to and from Hungarian Forints. In Terminal 2A this change office has the following opening times: 06.00 – 24.00 (sometimes until 02.00) and at Terminal 2B the exchange office is open from 09.00 -24.00. This means that if you arrive at 23.00 and get your luggage quite fast, you will be outside ready to exchange money before 24.00. We must though admit that it is not recommended to change money like this at the airport, and you will do far better using an ATM or changing money someplace else in the center of Budapest, with far better exchange rates than at the airport. So good luck, and hope you will enjoy your stay at Budapest Airport and of course in Budapest

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How to get from Budapest Airport to Sziget Festival (Obudai Island)?

I will arrive to Budapest Airport Terminal 2, and wonder how I can get from here to the Obudai Island where the Sziget Fes(z)tival is arranged. Can you please help?

In general we would recommend arranging with an airport transfer which is not especially expensive, but it will take you directly from the airport to the island and it is a very efficient way of getting there. Still, if you want a more advanced and public transportation way of getting to the Obudai Island, Sziget Fesztival, the following can be a working solution.

First travel with bus 200E from Budapest Airport Terminal 2 to Köbánya Kispest (metro station). From there you can travel with the metro to Deák Tér, then change to the red metro and travel to Batthány Tér (red metro). There you can change to the HEV traveling towards Szentendre. You need to stop at Filatorgiat, and then you are there.

Another option, much easier, is to travel with the special bus for the Sziget Festival from Liszt Ferenc Airport (Budapest Airport). This will be operating between August 4th and 8th between 9 in the morning and 00.30 every day, every second hour. On August 13th this bus will be operating from 3.00 til 14.00 transporting people back to the airport. We do not know anything about the actual cost of this bus, but it seems like a good solution to get from the airport to Obudai Island
(this information is valid for Sziget Fesztival in 2012…)

In case you are confused, Obudai Island is the same as Hajogyári sziget and Óbudai sziget. These are just other versions of the same place.

Is it a ticket to use public transport for 2 days valid for the whole family?

No, there are no 48-hour tickets available. The only option is the 48-hour Budapest Card, but that costs 10,000 HUF almost and you need to visit a lot of museums for this to be worth the price. You could consider the “csoportos 24 órás jegy“, or as it would be in English: “Group ticket for 24 hours“. This can be used for up to 5 persons travelling together all the time, in the same wagon. The price is 3100 HUF and is worth using for families and larger groups traveling together. IF you are three persons, then the price for two such cards would be only 6200 HUF, compared to three persons buying the Budapest Card would cost 30,000 HUF.

You can buy this tickets described here at the larger metro stations around in Budapest.

You could consider the 72 hour ticket if you stay for three days which costs 3850 HUF per person.

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Where can I buy public transportation tickets?

Where can I buy public transportation tickets in Budapest?

You can buy tickets for the public transportation in Budapest at almost all metro stations (except from some station on the yellow line travelling between Vörösmarty Tér and Mexikói Út). In addition to this you can buy some tickets at newspaper/magazine shops (Relay) and other small stores around in Budapest. Some bus stops have small ticket sale stands from where you can buy tickets, but in general the only safe place to go where you for sure can buy tickets are the metro stations. They have different opening times, but often they open 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning and stay open until 20.00 or even later in the evening.

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Can I buy a one week transportation card at Budapest Airport?

Can I buy a one week transportation card at Budapest Airport? Or maybe a single day ticket or a three day ticket?

It is not possible to buy daypass, three-day pass or a week pass at Budapest Airport. The only thing you can buy at the airport is single tickets, a package of ten single tickets and Budapest Pass. In most situations we do though not recommend the Budapest Pass, as that only is worth the money for those who plan to visit A LOT of museums and so on. For the normal usage of public transportation and maybe for visiting a few museums it is better worth simple buying a normal Budapest transportation ticket (3-day pass or 7-day pass) and later paying full entrance fee on the different places.

What to do then? As you arrive at the airport you can buy a single ticket at the Relay shop at the airport. Enter the bus, validate your ticket and travel to Köbánya Kispest (end station of the bus). There you can buy all tickets available, also the 1-day pass, 3-day pass and 7-day pass, and from there you can travel on with the metro to the city center of Budapest.

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