Can we buy a card of transport for 1 week (hetijegy) on the Internet?

Can we buy a card of transport for 1 week (hetijegy) on the Internet?Thank you for the question. Unfortunately this ticket can not be bought online. The only thing you can buy online which also works for public transportation is the Budapest Card, but in most situations you will only receive this once you arrive to your hotel (you buy it online and then the company will deliver them to your hotel so they will wait for you there as you arrive). If you want more information and order the Budapest Card, you can do so here. The one week transportation card can only be bought at larger metro stations around in Budapest.

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Can I buy Budapest public transportation tickets online?

Can we buy a ticket of transport for week on Internet?

Thank you for the question. At the moment you can not buy Budapest public transportation tickets online. The online option of purchasing tickets online is if you decide to buy a Budapest Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can find more information about the card and buy it online at the following page. It is worth knowing though that in most situations we do not recommend the usage of this card, as most people will use less money buying a simple transportation card and then enter the different museums, activities and sights paying full entrance fee!

Budapest Card

Is it a ticket to use public transport for 2 days valid for the whole family?

No, there are no 48-hour tickets available. The only option is the 48-hour Budapest Card, but that costs 10,000 HUF almost and you need to visit a lot of museums for this to be worth the price. You could consider the “csoportos 24 órás jegy“, or as it would be in English: “Group ticket for 24 hours“. This can be used for up to 5 persons travelling together all the time, in the same wagon. The price is 3100 HUF and is worth using for families and larger groups traveling together. IF you are three persons, then the price for two such cards would be only 6200 HUF, compared to three persons buying the Budapest Card would cost 30,000 HUF.

You can buy this tickets described here at the larger metro stations around in Budapest.

You could consider the 72 hour ticket if you stay for three days which costs 3850 HUF per person.

Budapest transportation

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Where can I buy public transportation tickets?

Where can I buy public transportation tickets in Budapest?

You can buy tickets for the public transportation in Budapest at almost all metro stations (except from some station on the yellow line travelling between Vörösmarty Tér and Mexikói Út). In addition to this you can buy some tickets at newspaper/magazine shops (Relay) and other small stores around in Budapest. Some bus stops have small ticket sale stands from where you can buy tickets, but in general the only safe place to go where you for sure can buy tickets are the metro stations. They have different opening times, but often they open 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning and stay open until 20.00 or even later in the evening.

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Can I buy a one week transportation card at Budapest Airport?

Can I buy a one week transportation card at Budapest Airport? Or maybe a single day ticket or a three day ticket?

It is not possible to buy daypass, three-day pass or a week pass at Budapest Airport. The only thing you can buy at the airport is single tickets, a package of ten single tickets and Budapest Pass. In most situations we do though not recommend the Budapest Pass, as that only is worth the money for those who plan to visit A LOT of museums and so on. For the normal usage of public transportation and maybe for visiting a few museums it is better worth simple buying a normal Budapest transportation ticket (3-day pass or 7-day pass) and later paying full entrance fee on the different places.

What to do then? As you arrive at the airport you can buy a single ticket at the Relay shop at the airport. Enter the bus, validate your ticket and travel to Köbánya Kispest (end station of the bus). There you can buy all tickets available, also the 1-day pass, 3-day pass and 7-day pass, and from there you can travel on with the metro to the city center of Budapest.

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Transportation strike is over

And then the public transportation strike in Budapest was over, for this time. The buses are polluting the city again, the trams are following their normal schedules and the people of Budapest can easier get to their jobs than last week. Well, if the buses are able to drive. It has been snowing and it is quite cold, so often that causes great problems for the drivers and the buses!

At least it is over! So that was it for this time. There is a small strike on the Ferihegy Airport as well, but that is not expected to cause any further delays!

Strike still going strong

The public transportation strike which we have written about several times already is still going strong and most buses, trams and trolley buses in the capital of Hungary are still standing still. Some of them are going and you can read more about that in our former post.

I guess the taxi companies enjoy the strike as they probably have much more to do than under normal circumstances, but it would be nice if they could finish this strike within shortly.

One addition to the strike is the fact that MAV (train company) has joined into the strike and especially in the early morning many trains stand still and do not transport passengers!

Public transportation strike in Budapest

Strike in Budapest

Yesterday BKV, the Public Transportation company in Budapest, started their strike which will last for an uncertain amount of time. The metro in Budapest is running as usual and so is the HEV (though not as often as normal). Those suffering are the people who would like to use trams and buses.

The most popular tram, number 6, is up and running, and so is tram number 2. Some other trams are going, but not on the entire line. Most buses are standing still, but for example the airport bus is following normal schedule.

We do not know how long this public transportation strike will last, but if some big things should happen, we will for sure write about it.

Public transportation strike coming up

Strike in Budapest

It is winter in Budapest and the buses of the local transportation company, BKV, is having a hard time. But not only the buses, but the drivers and other workers are not at all satisfied, and the rumours are even spreading that some drivers just leave their buses in so called wildcat strikes.

In addition a big strike has been announced on January 12, and time will show it it will be a heavy strike or not (I have heard that even if it is a strike the metros will probably be running and  so on)!