Debrecen defeated by French giants

Yesterday Debrecen played their first Champions League match in Hungary. Two weeks ago they lost 1-0 against Liverpool at Anfield Road, so hope existed that after their “good” result in Liverpool, they might be able to catch a point or three against Lyon at Puskas Ferenc Stadium.

But as many have pointed out; Lyon is a very good team, and maybe even better than Liverpool. And every year Lyon beats big team; both home and away. And so it turned out this year as well that Lyon got a great victory on foreign ground.

The final result of the Champions League match was 4-0, and they deserved the win. But, I must admit that Debrecen did a good job as well, and the Puskas Ferenc Stadium was packed with people. And even though Debrecen lost 4-0 the fans shouted and screamed and applauded the Debrecen guys, so I guess the hungarians are just happy to have a team in the Champions League. And if they later should manage to shoot a goal, and maybe even grab a point… it might be that Christmas will come early to Hungary this year!

Next matches in Budapest:
October 20 against Fiorentina
November 24 against Liverpool

More information at our Champions League page.

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