Fiorentina versus Debrecen tonight

Debrecen has had an interesting start in Champions League. They lost their three first matches (which is not really a big surprise), but in their last match against Fiorentina they managed to score three goals which is great – but they still have 0 points, since Fiorentina scored four goals in the same match!

Tonight they will play again, and hopefully the match will be just as cool, nice and full of goals as the former one. It would be so cool if Debrecen could manage to grab hold of a point, and it would be great if that evening would be tonight!

Champions League

Debrecen defeated by French giants

Yesterday Debrecen played their first Champions League match in Hungary. Two weeks ago they lost 1-0 against Liverpool at Anfield Road, so hope existed that after their “good” result in Liverpool, they might be able to catch a point or three against Lyon at Puskas Ferenc Stadium.

But as many have pointed out; Lyon is a very good team, and maybe even better than Liverpool. And every year Lyon beats big team; both home and away. And so it turned out this year as well that Lyon got a great victory on foreign ground.

The final result of the Champions League match was 4-0, and they deserved the win. But, I must admit that Debrecen did a good job as well, and the Puskas Ferenc Stadium was packed with people. And even though Debrecen lost 4-0 the fans shouted and screamed and applauded the Debrecen guys, so I guess the hungarians are just happy to have a team in the Champions League. And if they later should manage to shoot a goal, and maybe even grab a point… it might be that Christmas will come early to Hungary this year!

Next matches in Budapest:
October 20 against Fiorentina
November 24 against Liverpool

More information at our Champions League page.

Events and other information

Normally I am playing football every Tuesday evening. But, this autumn will not be to active because of Debrecen who qualified for the Champions League. Especially when Debrecen is playing at the Puskás Ferenc Stadium everyone is either home watching the match in television, or at the stadium watching it there.

Concerts near Budapest

But, we are also regularly updating our page with information about concerts happening near Budapest. In the start of 2010 Europe will be out touring several cities, and so will Pat Metheny. ABBA – The Show is out on the track again, and of course Depeche Mode. So there are loads of excuses to leave Budapest (at least if you do not visit the concerts as these artists perform in Budapest).

For Hungarian who dont want to leave Hungary it is also possible to check out the Harlem Gospel Singers concert in Szeged taking place December 28. So look around and hopefully you will find some useful information around on our pages.