Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The annual Easter market will be held again in Budapest and this will be he fourth time the Easter market will take place at the Buda Castle. This is one of the largest and definitely one of the most prestigious Easter markets in the whole city. Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The market hosts the best Easter related programs and games for children and for playful adults including various workshops with traditional Hungarian Easter games and petting zoo as well. The market also presents the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes such as the various types of ham, eggs in every variety, the typical Hungarian spices, oils, sweets, chocolates, sausages and all kind of pastries. At the fully packed tempting food stalls visitors will have the chance to have samples of the best quality products that will be presented at the market. At the Easter market the typical traditional Hungarian beverages will be presented as well such as pálinka which comes in every flavour, wine and beer as well. The Easter market is a great opportunity to get to know the Hungarian culture and its Easter habits. This year the Easter market will be held from 5th April to 6th April at the Buda Castle in Budapest.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 101

For more information on the event please check the official site here. If you want to do something else, then maybe you could visit the spring fair at the Vorosmarty square instead?

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