Some pictures from the Spring fair in Budapest

We have just released our article about the upcoming Spring fair in Budapest containing the dates for the market, and all the other information you need.

But, do you still lack inspiration? Don’t feel sure about whether it is worth coming to Budapest for the spring markets or not? Take a look at the following images, and you will get your stuff together and order your plane ticket quickly.

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What to expect if you come for the spring fair in Budapest?

Take a look at the following pictures, and you will get a good feeling about what to expect! All the pictures are made by BFTK, the organizers of the Spring fair!

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Budapest Spring Market 2023

Would you like to know more about the Spring market in Budapest, often referred to as the Budapest Easter market? Keep reading to find the dates for the market, its location, and everything else there is to know about this popular market in Budapest.

Budapest is well known for its beautiful Christmas Market with an incredible atmosphere at the Vörösmarty Tér in Budapest. But, have you ever visited the Easter market, also known as the Spring Market?

Maybe you have heard about the amazing Schönbrunn in Vienna was an annual Easter market is arranged? It is quite famous, and lots of people go there every year. But, did you know that the Easter market in Budapest is getting better and better? If you haven’t experienced it yet, now is the time!

Many people enjoy the Christmas markets because of the amazing lights, and the smells that spread so well in the cold air. Well, even though it is warmer and brighter during the annual Easter market (Spring Fair/Spring market), you can still experience awesome food, delightful smells, and lots of handicraft products if you visit the market.

The largest lines are always in front of the places where you can buy the traditional Chimney Cake, but you should also taste all the interesting food, and buy some hand-made products in the many stalls around the square.

Should you get tired of the market itself, then you can always grab something to eat in Gerbeaud or Hard Rock Cafe.

Easter Market in Budapest / Spring Market Budapest
Easter Market in Budapest

Budapest Spring Market 2023 / Budapest Easter Market 2023

Dates: April 20, 2023 – May 2, 2023
Location: Városháza square.

Normally the spring market in Budapest is held at the same dates as the spring festival, but that is no longer true. The spring market was arranged at the Vörösmarty square for a long time, but that is no longer true either. Instead, you can now find the spring market in the Városháza park (City Hall park). This is located very much in the center of Budapest as well, meaning that it is very easy to find it.

Easter market in Budapest
Easter market in Budapest (Made by BFTK)

How to get to the Easter market?

You can easily get to this market using the underground/metro. If you travel to the stop Deak Ferenc square (which is where three of the four metro lines intersect), you will get out of the metro and be at the location of the spring market at once.

If you are looking for a smaller market/fair, you will also find a similar Easter/Spring market next to the Allee Shopping Center on the Buda side, next to the end station of tram number 4. Here you can buy handmade clothes, bags, wallets, Palinka, wine, chimney cakes, and other small stuff.

As mentioned earlier, there is a very famous Spring market in Vienna by Schönbrunn. If you have a car and want to drive a lot, you can start your five-hour drive towards Prague (from Budapest) and experience the delightful Easter markets in Prague as well!

For more information on what’s happening in Budapest, check the following site.

Want to see more pictures from the Spring fair in Budapest?

Here you can see more beautiful pictures. All the pictures are made by BFTK (the organizers of the market).

Budapest Spring Market 2019

Would you like to be in Budapest for the Spring Market, also known as the Easter Market, in 2019? Here are the dates and all the information you need!

Lots of people come to Budapest for the annual Christmas markets, but not so many people know about the amazing Spring Market. But, to be honest, they are quite similar, except the fact that the temperatures are nicer in April and the weather is much nicer!

When will the Spring market be arranged in this year (since this article is out of date)? Check the Budapest calendar to find out what’s on in Budapest right now and in the coming months!

Enjoy spring and the Spring market in Budapest in 2019
Enjoy spring and the Spring market in Budapest in 2019

At the Spring Fair/Spring Market/Easter Market you can buy lots of handmade products from Hungarian designers, and even more important, you can eat a lot of delicious food and taste real Hungarian drinks. This is a fantastic combination, making it a place loved by many, especially ladies who enjoy both shopping and eating!

Budapest Spring Fair 2019 dates

In 2019, the Spring Fair will have its grand opening on March 29th, and it will then remain open for one entire month, closing up on April 28th.

The Spring Fair is arranged at Vörösmarty square, the square located in the end of the shopping street Vaci utca, and also the final station on the second oldest metro line in all of Europe, the yellow metro line.

Are you ready for a fantastic Easter market in Budapest?

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We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest and hope you will enjoy the Budapest Spring Fair in 2019!

Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The annual Easter market will be held again in Budapest and this will be he fourth time the Easter market will take place at the Buda Castle. This is one of the largest and definitely one of the most prestigious Easter markets in the whole city. Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The market hosts the best Easter related programs and games for children and for playful adults including various workshops with traditional Hungarian Easter games and petting zoo as well. The market also presents the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes such as the various types of ham, eggs in every variety, the typical Hungarian spices, oils, sweets, chocolates, sausages and all kind of pastries. At the fully packed tempting food stalls visitors will have the chance to have samples of the best quality products that will be presented at the market. At the Easter market the typical traditional Hungarian beverages will be presented as well such as pálinka which comes in every flavour, wine and beer as well. The Easter market is a great opportunity to get to know the Hungarian culture and its Easter habits. This year the Easter market will be held from 5th April to 6th April at the Buda Castle in Budapest.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 101

For more information on the event please check the official site here. If you want to do something else, then maybe you could visit the spring fair at the Vorosmarty square instead?