What to eat on the Christmas Market in Budapest?

Christmas market food

Christmas market foodIn the end of November Christmas markets open their gates in Budapest and the biggest Christmas market in the city takes place in the heart of the city at Vörösmarty Square. At the market there are multiple different foods and drinks to try out.

At the market you can try all the typical Hungarian dishes and the different flavoured mulled wines as well. So in this article we will list some of the best things you can try on a Hungarian Christmas Market. Apart from the typical market delicates such as kürtös kalács, roasted chestnut and pizza bread baked freshly in the oven, you can try the best traditional Hungarian dishes as well.

At the market you can find stuffed cabbage which is filled with pork and rice but they are also available with duck filling, roasted goose thigh, grill sausage and different grilled meats as well. Also cooked and smoked pork knuckles, pork knuckles with lot of onions, black and liver puddings and grilled spare ribs can be found. At the market there are also dried and smoked sausages as well with different flavours which you can take home. All the dishes at the market are freshly cooked and served.

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