Exhibition on Lechner Ödön

Lechner Odon

The exhibition on Lechner Ödön is shown in the capital of Hungary in Budapest from this November. At the exhibition, which is arranged in one of the masterpieces of the architect himself, you can get to know more about this building and other creations origining from the hand of Lechner Ödön.

Lechner Odon
One of the creations of Lechner Odon

Lechner was a Hungarian architect who was born in 1845 and he died in 1914. Lechner was part of the Hungarian Secession movement. The exhibition shows the greatest works of the Hungarian architecture through different pictures. The exhibition focuses on the most beautiful architectural works of him including the Kecskeméti City Hall, the parish church of Budapest Kőbánya, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Institute of Geology and the Postal Savings Bank. All of these are nominated for UNESCO. At the museum visitors also have the chance to see the original working drawings as well. The exhibition on Lechner Ödön is shown from 20th November 2014 until 31st May 2015.

The exhibition is held in Budapest at Museum of Applied Arts. The museum is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening. On Mondays the museum is closed.

Museum of Applied Arts
1091 Budapest Üllöi street 33-37. Hungary

For more information on the museums in Budapest and ongoing exhibitions, visit this site.

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