Fat Mo is history

Fat Mo Budapest - History
Fat Mo Budapest - History

Someone asked me for help to reserve a table at Fat Mo’s last week. I kept on trying through email, telephone and tried to reach their internet site, but nothing worked. Today I visited the restaurant just to check it out, and then it was a sign outside the entrance with the text: “Closed”. I brought my camera to make a picture, but the battery was empty. My extra batteries always at hand were empty as well. Then I thought I could make a picture with my mobile, but the battery was so low, that I could not make a picture with it. So I can not show a picture with the text, but it was written closed, for sure!

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2 thoughts on “Fat Mo is history

  1. BudapestAgent says:

    Do you know if it is forever? Or could it be that they are renovating or something?
    I really liked Fat Mo’s they had great food there, good parties and very good Live music… Would be sad to see Fat Mo’s beeing closed down.

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    Good question. I have a feeling its forever as they have shut down their homepage totally, they have no working phone numbers, no information, no email adresses – there is no way to get hold of them! And it was no information given next to the closed sign outside the restaurant.

    Given all this, I have a feeling at least that Fat Mo is history. It might be that I am wrong, but all evidence leads toward a restaurant that is not going to upon its doors again!

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