Bronze Final in U-20 World Championship

Unfortunately Hunary did not succeed in beating Ghana this Tuesday in the World Cup semi-final. The guys played a week first period, but in the second they woke up and it turned into a real interesting match, but they still lost.

So this Friday the guys will not play in the final, but in the bronze final. Their opponent will be Costa Rica, so hopefully if the Hungarians can keep up their good game from the second period of the game against Ghana they for sure have a great chance to win the game. The game starts 17.00 tomorrow (October 16, Friday).

The grown-up Hungarian national team yesterday won against Denmark in Denmark, in their last game of the World Cup Qualification, but it still did not help as they ended up on the fourth place in their group; behind Denmark, Portugal and Sweden.

Tomorrow there will a great game for Hungarians to see, and then next Tuesday Debrecen will play against Fiorentina in the Champions League in Budapest.

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