Fish and Game Festival in Budapest 2014

Fish and Game festival

Fish and Game festivalBudapest has plenty of programs and events you can choose from, different exhibitions and multiple concerts and festival during the whole year. There is always something up in the city no matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Now we are here to present to you a new one, the Fish and Game Festival.

This year there will be a new festival in Budapest called the Hal and Vadfesztivál (Fish and Game Festival). The festival will open its gates the first time and there will be a lot of events and programs to choose from. In Hungarian hal means fish and vad refers to meat which means there will be plenty of food and where food is there will be a lot to drink as well. The first Hal and Vadfesztivál will take place at the Vajdahunyad castle. At the festival visitors can enjoy all kind of traditional Hungarian meals from different region of the country and of course visitors will have the chance to try the authentic halászlé, which is a traditional Hungarian soup with fish. The Szegedi Halászcsárda is responsible for the traditional halászlé. During the festival visitors not only can enjoy the food and drinks but there will be plenty other programs as well to choose from such as the market with the best quality goods. The festival will take place from 19th until 21st September 2014. The entrance for the festival is for free.

Check this one out, and if you have had enough meat, visit the Castle Area for the Chocolate and Sweets festival.

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