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Pampas Steakhouse is one of the best steakhouses and restaurants in Budapest. Would you like to reserve a table in Pampas Steakhouse? We can fix your Pampas table reservation, and make sure that you have a reserved table waiting as you arrive in Pampas on your selected date and time.

Pampas is a brilliant steak restaurant in the heart of Budapest, very close to the shopping street Vaci utca, and to the Grand Market Hall, one of the most awesome places in Budapest. But, maybe the most awesome place is Pampas Steakhouse? Fix your Pampas Table reservation right away and find out for yourself!

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Table reservation in Pampas Budapest
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Where is Pampas located?

It is really easy to get to Pampas Steakhouse in Budapest. If you find the Danube, walk towards the green bridge, and you will find the restaurant along the main road crossing the road (on the Pest side). This is also where you can find the Grand Market Hall, a perfect place for shopping fruits, vegetables, and meat in Budapest. This is also the located which brings the shopping street Váci utca to an end, making it a real popular meeting point in Budapest.

If you plan on coming with public transportation, Pampas is located by the metro stop Fövam ter on the fourth metro line, but it is also very close to Kalvin tér, the station at which the blue and the green metro line meets.

What is the Pampas price level like?

Pampas Steakhouse has a price level reasonable for a steakhouse. In other words, here you will find expensive steaks, but also cheaper options for those who want to eat a smaller and cheaper steak, or for those who don’t want to eat steak at all.

The starts cost between 1500 – 3000 HUF, while the main courses vary between 3000 HUF and 20,000 HUF. The desserts are quite cheap, and they normally cost around 1000 HUF.

Do not forget that Pampas Steakhouse has a big selection of high-quality wines, making it a perfect solution for a high-quality dinner in Budapest

Reserve your Pampas table in advance.

Pampas Steakhouse is often crowded, especially during dinner time, and especially during the weekends. It is, therefore, very important to book your table in advance. Pampas is also open on December 31st, running with an ala-carte menu, but it gets fully booked really fast, so book your table for such a special occasion a few months in advance (if you have a dream of getting a free table).

Share your Pampas Steakhouse experience with us

Have you been to Pampas Steakhouse in Budapest? How did you enjoy your experience? We would love to hear more about how you liked the restaurant, the interior, the atmosphere, and even more importantly, how you enjoyed the meals, the wine, the drinks, and everything else you experienced in the restaurant! Please write to share your experience with us, and with all our readers and people considering reserving a table in Pampas Steakhouse right now!

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