Full price brownie at Gluttonous Thursday

Yesterday was Gluttonous Thursday (Torkos Csütörtök) and I tried to enjoy as much as I could. Since long time ago I wanted to visit Angus Steakhouse restaurant in Kazinczy Utca, but as I did not find it on the list of restaurants participating I though I’d just walk over there to find out if it still existed. It did not…

Brownie at Cream Cafe
Brownie at Cream Cafe

But, a new restaurant has taken over their facilities, Cream Cafe Restaurant. I stopped to take a look at the menu and it looked really good. Earlier I had eaten a good lunch at Hild Vendéglő so I thought I’d try to stop by just for an easy desert, brownie with vanilia icecream. Safely inside I told them that I would only stay for a few minutes (enough to eat my brownie and to get an impression of the restaurant from the inside), and they could receive on those conditions.

I got my brownie, it tasted fairly okay and I wanted to get my bill. As I got it I noticed that everything was on full price. I asked how come, “after all, it is Gluttonous Thursday”. The answer I got was that since I had not reserved a table I had to pay full price! Lucky me who did not buy anything else, but still I feel sorry for others who might suffer from restaurants abusing the happy visitor looking forward to eat on half price.

It was a pity, because the restaurant looked really nice, but in my eyes they really fooled themselves of someone who might have wanted to return to the restaurant!

By the way… the rules for the Gluttonous Thursday says clearly that everything from the menu should be served at 50% throughout the entire day (such a thing as only to guests reserving a table does not exist anywhere)!

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