Gluttonous Thursday 2011

Half Price on Gluttonous Thursday
Half Price on Gluttonous Thursday

Gluttonous Thursday is a great habit in Budapest and Hungary, so if you don’t know what it is yet, you have something to look forward to. Once a year in Hungary most restaurants join into this event and on Gluttonous Thursday they offer all drinks and food from the menu for half price.

If there is a restaurant you normally find expensive, then you might consider visiting it on Gluttonous Thursday when everything is at half price. There are quite some rules concerning Gluttonous Thursday, to protect the visitors, still there are normally complaints coming every year from visitors somehow tricked by different restaurants. Last year they even charged us full price for a brownie with ice Gluttonous Thursday, though the restaurant made up for that mistake later.

The date for the Gluttonous Thursday in 2011: March 10

Name of some of the restaurants participating:
Alabardos, Nador Winerestaurant, Nobu, Bagolyvar, Karpátia, Chez Daniel, Mátyás Pince and Fridays.

Some restaurants normally not participating:
Gundel, Pampas Steakhouse and Trofea Grill

We can unfortunately not help out with table reservations for Gluttonous Thursday.

If you have questions about any other specific restaurant, feel free to ask in the comment field and we will try to answer as soon as possible!

This article is out of date. If you want to read an updated article about Torkos Csütörtök, just click the link.

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