Gluttonous Thursday mistake made up for

Cream Cafe & Restaurant
Cream Cafe & Restaurant
Last week we wrote about how we had to pay full price for a Brownie and a Coke Light at Cream Cafe Restaurant in Budapest. We complained to the restaurant afterwards, and they apologized for the problems and the misunderstanding – and invited us for a free dinner, to make up for inconvenience!

Visiting the restaurant again we looked forward to taste the food, especially since the menu looked very good on the first visit as well. The menu was full of delicious meals and we had no problem finding something that sounded good. We ended up with two soups and two main courses. The fish soup was really good and everything else was okay as well. It must be mentioned that the most expensive food on the menu costs less than 5000 Forints, which means that the restaurant should be enrolled in a “not-to-expensive” category!

If you ever walk around in the 7th district of Budapest, and maybe would like something to eat after a visit to the Synagogue in Dohány Utca (or the one in Kazinczy Utca), then Cream Cafe & Restaurant could be a place to grab something to eat!

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