Spring in Budapest – almost at least

The spring has almost arrived in Budapest and currently we are enjoying about 10 Celsius in the capital of Hungary (climate in Budapest). Some people claim that it will get colder by the end of the week, but we are for sure enjoying it now as the sun is smiling at our white bodies! As the sun shows up, the tourists starts to come and we can already feel and experience that more and more people are ready for guided tours and cool activities in Budapest. Compared to other big cities in Europe the Budapest temperature is quite good, in fact it is almost just as warm in Budapest as it is in Madrid, Spain.

As I am writing this text, the current temperature can be experienced in Europe:
Weather in Oslo: -4 celsius
Weather in Prague: 6 celsius
Weather in Bratislava: 14 celsius
Weather in Vienna: 14 celsius
Weather in Madrid: 10 celsius
Weather in Krakow: 7 celsius

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