What is Hungarian – Art Hall exhibition

From August 2nd until October 14th visitors to Budapest are invited to visit the Art Hall in Budapest and their latest exhibition dealing with the subject; what is Hungarian?

At the exhibition you can see paintings of painters of the day, and most of the pieces exhibited are created within the last years. The exhibition will try to display what is Hungarian and through this also deal with the national identity of the Hungarians through the different things displayed. So, if you as a tourist would be interested in finding out more about what is really Hungarian, then you better check out this exhibition, because it is truly interesting. Of course locals should check it out as well 🙂

The Art Hall is a beautiful museum in Budapest located at the Heroes square. So while walking in the City Park or if you travel with a hop on-hop off bus in Budapest, then why not hop off at the Heroes Square and enter into the museum to visit the exhibition. After visiting, why not write a comment sharing your thoughts on this interesting exhibition?

What is Hungarian
What is Hungarian – exhibtion in Art Hall Budapest

What is Hungarian

Art Hall Budapest
August 2nd – October 14th

Budapest museums

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