New flights from Budapest to Tel Aviv and Kiev

Wizz Air is expanding their network and from December 2012 they will fly to two new destinations from Budapest, Kiev and Tel Aviv. Wizz Air has for a long time had Kiev in their network, but it is very interesting and really cool that the capital of Ukraine will be available with Wizz Air flights, much better than the slow trains lasting 12-13 hours.

Flights from Budapest to Tel Aviv
Flights from Budapest to Tel Aviv and Kiev

Even more interesting is the fact that Wizz Air will start flying between Budapest and Tel Aviv. For a long time this has been a very expensive route to travel as El Al Israel Airlines has been the only company traveling this distance. Now with Wizz Air entering into this market the travelers will hopefully be the winners, and it will turn much easier for Israelis to visit Budapest and Hungary and for Hungarians to visit the Holy Land of Israel.

Both destinations are supposed to be available from December on, so why not take a pre-Christmas trip to Israel to visit Bethlehem or maybe just to walk around and celebrate Christmas in summer temperatures (almost)?

The flights time from Budapest Airport to airport in Tel Aviv is about 3 hours.

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