The Other Half of the Sky – Ludwig Museum

When somebody goes to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, there are several attractions what must see for example the famous Buda Castle, the Parliament, the beautiful Margaret Island and of course the famous river, the Danube with all bridges, especially the Chain Bridge.

Ludwig MuseumIn Budapest there are regularly festivals, activities and exhibitions. The several beautiful museums wait for the visitors with amazing permanent and temporary exhibition in the whole year. One exhibition of them is “The Other Half of the Sky. Selection from the Ludwig Museum’s Collection” too.

The Ludwig Museum, or on another name the Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1989. The museum always has made its mission to present and collect the phenomena of Eastern European, American and Western European contemporary art in their entirety, and to gauge the multi directional and fruitful connections the artists of the region had with post-war international tendencies and art centers. And now there is a fresh exhibition, which especially shows the contemporary art collection before the museum’s foundation and the Regime.

The exhibition opened on 6 December 2012 and it waits for the visitors until 1 January 2014. Do not miss the contemporary art exhibition which contains fantastic masterpieces, because it would make unforgettable your holiday in Budapest. Have a great time!

The Other Half of the Sky
Ludwig Museum
December 2012 – Januar 1st, 2014

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