Free Bryan Adams concert in Budapest on September 28th

Are you a fan of Bryan Adams? Does it sound cool to listen to the Canadian super-star together with more than 100,000 people in Budapest on September 28th? There will be a free concert with the legendary singer at the Heroes Square in Budapest, so this is an awesome chance to listen and watch Bryan Adams live!

Bryan Adams will come to Budapest on September 28th
Bryan Adams will come to Budapest on September 28th

Bryan Adams might have been more popular 20 years ago than he is today, but he is still a legendary singer and he is currently touring the United States. He has been to Budapest many times, and back in 2006, he sang at a similar concert which was enjoyed by as many as 200,000 people. We cannot know for sure how many will come to the Bryan Adams concert in Budapest this time, but you will for sure not be alone if you decide to come to the Heroes Square at September 28th!

The Bryan Adams concert in Budapest

The Bryan Adams concert will start at 20.00 on September 28th. But, already at 18.00, there will be a warm-up concert with Wellhello, another very popular band in Hungary.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your flight tickets to Budapest and come and listen to Bryan Adams on September 28th. If you need help with transportation from Ferihegy airport to your Budapest hotel, check our site for airport transfers in Budapest.

If you take a look at the two above videos, you can quickly listen to the newest music from both Wellhello and Bryan Adams. He is currently touring with the Shine A Light album, and he will for sure bring some songs from this when he comes to Budapest.

But, I do hope he will sing some of his old hits as well, including Summer of 69 and all the others!

Other programs in Budapest

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Enjoy your stay in Budapest and enjoy the Bryan Adams concert!

Budapest Summer Festival 2019

Every summer, Budapest hosts a fantastic Summer Festival. This is not the Sziget Festival, but a festival with classical music events, Opera, and more traditional music.

In 2019, the Summer Festival will be arranged between June 1st and August 23rd. The events are arranged at three different locations, with the biggest happenings taking place at the fantastic Open Air Stage at the Margaret Island.

Turandot during the Summer Festival in Budapest in 2019

Among the highlights in 2019, you will find Turandot from Puccini, Adolphe Adam: Giselle, Pink Martini, and some more interesting concerts and events.

You can find the full program for the Summer Festival in 2019 at

For more information about other programs in Budapest worth enjoying, look around in our Budapest Guide for information about wine tasting programs, beer tasting, river cruises on the Danube, guided tours and private airport transfers. We can help you with lots of programs, not only in the summer, but all year around.

Do not forget, the city is a big one and it has a lot to offer. That is why a private guide will help you understand the city better and to discover the most important sights within a couple of hours. The city is much more delightful if you get a grasp on it, so let us show you Budapest on a private guided tour!

Metallica Budapest 2018

Metallica concertThe fantastic band Metallica will come to Budapest on April 5th in 2018. They will perform in Budapest Sportarena, and you are of course invited to be there.

If you are a Metallica fan, you have probably noticed that they will go on a big tour in 2018 already. The entire tour starts in Lisbon (Portugal) on February 1st. After Lisbon, the band will visit lots of cities and nations, before they arrive in Budapest and Hungary on April 5th. A few days before, Metallica will perform in Vienna, then they will travel on to Prague, and then arrive in Budapest. If you want to be there at any of these concerts, use the ticket link beneath to grab hold of tickets for the concert you are interested in.

Metallica has been to Budapest lots of times, and hopefully, this will not be the last time.

How to get to the concert venue?

  • If you come to Budapest for the Metallica concert, then there are several ways to get to the concert venue. Those coming from the airport should use our airport transfer service to get straight to the concert venue.
  • If you plan on approaching Budapest Sportarena using public transportation, use the metro and travel to Stadionok (red line).
  • Are you coming with a car? Park your car in Arena Plaza, and walk to the concert venue from there. This shopping mall is a giant one, and it has free parking available.

Metallica Budapest 2018

Budapest Sportarena
April 5th, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

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Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2017

Andrea Bocelli concertOn November 25th it is time for a fantastic concert in the Budapest Sportarena. Andrea Bocelli will enchant the audience in the arena with his beautiful voice.

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer. He was born in 1958, and in the first twelve years of his life he could actually see in part. But, due to a football accident he had at the age of 12 he completely lost his sight, and he has been blind since then. Even though he cannot see, he can sing in an amazing way. That is why he is touring the world large parts of the year and in 2017 he is also on a big tour visiting larger and smaller cities all across the world, for example New York, Marbella, Monte Carlo, Bratislava, Prague, Paris, Chicago, Washington, Vienna and lots of other cities.

If you would like to be there at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Budapest on November 25th, then you can buy your tickets using the link beneath. It is quite interesting that Andrea Bocelli actually was in Budapest not long ago, and then he had a free concert in the St. Stephens Basilica. The amount of people who wanted to be on the inside was of course much bigger than the amount of people that actually got to be there, but still, Andrea Bocelli has a special spot in the heart of the people of Budapest.

Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2017

Budapest Sportarena
November 25th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Do not forget that on November 25th the annual Christmas markets in Budapest will most likely have opened. The main market at the Vorosmarty square has for sure opened, while the Christmas market in front of the St. Stephens Basilica will probably open that weekend, or latest the following weekend. You can find more information about the Christmas markets in Budapest here in our Budapest Guide.

For more information about other sights and attractions in the Hungarian capital, just look around and use the links in the menu.

Robbie Williams concert in Budapest

Robbie Williams concert in Budapest 2017Four days after Robbie Williams has performed in Prague, it is time for the same singer to perform at the Groupama Arena in Budapest. Sounds cool?

Robbie Williams will perform in Prague on August 19th, meaning that the concert in Budapest will be arranged at August 23rd. Normally the Budapest Sportarena is used for such concerts, but this time they will go outside and arrange the concert at the Groupama Arena. This is the venue normally used by Ferencvaros to play their football matches at, and it is also used by the Hungarian national team as they play their matches in the World Cup 2018 qualification.

As Robbie Williams come to Budapest he is almost finished with his “Heavy Entertainment Tour” in 2017. He will perform in a couple of more cities after the Budapest concert, for example in Vienna and Moscow. But, the best place to enjoy a Robbie Williams concert is for sure in Budapest, where you can enjoy a fantastic river cruise, a nice brewery visit and do lots of other great programs combined with the Robbie Williams concert.

Robbie Williams concert in Budapest 2017

Groupama Arena
August 23rd, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

At the ticket link above you can buy tickets for this and other upcoming events in Budapest during the summer of 2017.

If you want to get to Groupama Arena, then it can be done in a very simple way. Find a metro station, get to the blue metro line, and travel with this metro to the stop named Nepliget. Once you leave the metro you will see a big stadium, and that is the Groupama Arena.

Concerts all across Europe

There will be loads of great concerts in cities all across Europe during the summer of 2017, but unfortunately some of the biggest hotshots skip out on their visit to Budapest this summer. While there will be fantastic London concerts with Adele, Coldplay, U2, Guns N Roses and Deep Purple this summer, Budapest will not get a visit by any of these.

Bruno Mars concert in Budapest

Are you a big fan of Bruno Mars? Come to Budapest Sportarena to experience Bruno Mars and his 24K Magic World Tour on May 30th in 2017.

By the time Bruno Mars comes to Budapest, summer has hopefully arrived to town long ago. You can therefore plan for beautiful weather, lots of sunshine, nice temperatures and fabulous music as you plan your weekend trip to Budapest, including a concert with Bruno Mars.

There are few artists in the world today as popular as Bruno Mars. His real name is Peter Hernandez, and he has produced some of the biggest hits in the world in the latter years. He even performed in the half time show during the Super Bowl back in 2016, which again says something about his status in the world today. The guy himself isn’t really that old, considering that he was born in 1985, making him 31 years at the moment.

If you would like to be there at the Bruno Mars concert in Budapest, then you can buy tickets using the link beneath. At the ticket site you will also find tickets for all the other Bruno Mars events in Europe in 2017. If you can’t make it to Budapest, you could for example consider a trip to Krakow where Bruno Mars will perform on May 27th instead?

Bruno Mars concert in Budapest 2017
Bruno Mars concert in Budapest 2017

Bruno Mars Budapest 2017

Budapest Sportarena
May 30th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Bruno Mars will probably not join us on a river cruise on the Danube, but if you first come to Budapest, you should not miss out on this popular activity. To enjoy a river cruise is a fantastic experience, especially in the evening. There are loads of other programs available in town as well, and we always recommend our visitors to taste some Hungarian wine, to join in on a guided tour and to visit the most important sights in Budapest.

Natalie Imbruglia concert in Budapest

Natalie Imbruglia concert BudapestOn May 2nd the fantastic singer Natalie Imbruglia will perform in Budapest in the center of the city, at the Akvarium Klub. Would you like to be there?

While most famous singers coming to Budapest perform in venues like the Budapest Sportarena or the Petofi Csarnok, Natalie Imbruglia will be much closer to her audience. The Akvarium Klub is located in the very heart of Budapest, by the metro stop Deak Ferenc ter (where three of the metro-lines intersect), and it is a quite small venue, meaning that it will be a real close up with the star if you decide to be there in the audience.

The most famous Natalie Imbruglia song is probably Torn, a song made back in 2009. If she will sing Torn during the Budapest concert we do not know yet, but if you are a fan, this is the place you want to be on May 2nd in 2017.

Natalie Imbruglia concert in Budapest 2017

Akvarium Klub
May 2nd, 21.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to be well prepared for the Imbruglia concert in Budapest, then you can buy lots of products and albums from Natalie Imbruglia at And did you know that you can enjoy free shipping to Hungary on orders for more than 39 Euro? You can read more about it as you press the link above.

Do not forget to spend some time discovering the beauties of Budapest as well. The city is the queen of the Danube with a magnificent panorama, and that is why almost everyone coming to time spend at least one evening enjoying a Danube River cruise. You can read more about this and other programs here in our Budapest Guide.

Natalie Imbruglia will visit quite a lot of other cities in Europe as well during her tour in 2017. Some examples of cities she will visit are London, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Andre Rieu concert in Budapest 2017

On June 16th it is time for a fantastic event for music lovers in Budapest. Andre Rieu will come to Budapest Sportarena and you are of course invited.

Andre Rieu is coming to Budapest to perform at least once a year. He is always filling up the Budapest Sportarena with spectators, and it is no secret that he has thousands of fans in Hungary. If you were hoping for an extra concert in Budapest due to his popularity we will however have to disappoint you. When Andre Rieu comes to Budapest he is on a tight schedule. The evening before he will perform in Zagreb and the evening after he will already stand on the stage in Stadthalle in Vienna to perform.

If you want to be there at the Andre Rieu concert in Budapest in 2017 then you can use the link further down to buy tickets for this and all other Andre Rieu events in Europe in 2017.

For those who find the tickets to be expensive we recommend that you use the money doing some other cool program in Budapest instead. Why not join us on a guided tour in Budapest, visit a brewery to taste some local beer, enjoy a river cruise on the Danube or maybe taste some local wine? Read more about all these activities here in our Budapest Guide.

Andre Rieu concert in Budapest 2017
Andre Rieu concert in Budapest 2017

Andre Rieu concert in Budapest 2017

Budapest Sportarena
June 16th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest. If you have comments or questions related to the concert, write a comment beneath!

Depeche Mode concert in Budapest in 2017

Depeche Mode will tour the world in 2017 and they will also come to Budapest. Are you ready for the Depeche Mode concert in Budapest in 2017?

Depeche Mode has performed in Budapest several times and whenever they come it is completely packed at the arena. Normally they have had their Budapest concerts at the Puskas Ferenc Stadium, but since that is under renovation the Depeche Mode concert in Budapest in 2017 will have to be arranged at the Groupama Arena instead. The capacity isn’t as big as at the Puskas Ferenc Stadium, but the surroundings are nicer and the entire arena is much more modern. Would you like to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Budapest in 2017?

Ivica Drusany /

Before Depeche Mode come to Budapest on May 22nd they will perform in Bratislava on May 20th. Two days after the Budapest concert they will travel on to the Paris of east (Prague) and perform there.

Would you like to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Budapest? You can buy tickets for the event using the ticket link beneath. Do not forget to buy the new album from Depeche Mode named Spirit which will be released in the spring of 2017. The tour will be a release tour for their new album, so make sure to listen to the songs so that you will know them by heart as you come to the concert.

Depeche Mode concert in Budapest in 2017

Venue: Groupama Arena
Date: May 22nd

Tickets: Viagogo

To get to the arena simply travel with the blue metro to the stop named Nepliget. Once you leave the metro you will be by the stadium.

If you want to enjoy a river cruise on the Danube, a brewery visit or some other cool program while in Budapest, read on in our Budapest Guide.

Violetta Budapest 2015

Violetta BudapetGood news for the Violetta lovers; the Violetta Live Concert will also be shown in Budapest in 2015.

Violetta is a kids oriented television program on Disney Channel and all the main characters of the Disney television series will be in the live show in Budapest. The main characters in the series are Martina Stoessel as Violetta Castillo who has a bright and joyful personality and also has a great voice, Pablo Espinosa as Tomàs Heredia who is an attractive, confident but simple guy in the series, Jorge Blanco as León who is a little bit arrogant but despite this he has a warm and good heart, Mercedes Lambre as Ludmila Ferro who is the diva of the group and Clara Alonso as Àngeles who is really charismatic and a cheerful person to be with. The television series shows the life of the teenage Martina Stoessel.

Martina and her friends will give the best family friendly show in Budapest and they will also perform all the hit songs of the three seasons.

The Violetta Live Concert will be held in Budapest on the 29th August in 2015. The concert will take place at Papp László Sportarèna. Tickets for the show are already available.

Papp László Sportarèna
1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 2, Hungary

Tickets: WorldTicketShop