Hungary in the Euro 2020 in Handball!

The European Championship in Handball is currently arranged in Austria, Sweden, and Norway, and the Hungarians surprised us all and won their initial group. That was a giant surprise, especially considering that they have to play against the Danes, the team considered to be the best in the world currently.

After the initial stage, Hungary went on to the next stage in the tournament together with Iceland. The Danes were left behind together with the Russian team. The Hungarians have played very well, far better than expected, and especially the second half against Iceland during the group stage was magical. But, can they keep the tempo up in the upcoming matches?

Hungarians in Euro 2020
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On January 17th, Hungary will play against Norway

Norway has been an awesome team so far in the tournament, and they have gotten to the final in several large tournaments recently (however, they never managed to actually win the final). Sander Sagosen is the big star of the team, but they have highly-skilled players at all positions. The way we see it, this is probably the toughest of all the matches during the upcoming stage of the European Championship in handball!

On January 19th, Hungary will play against Slovenia

Slovenia has been a big surprise themselves so far in the tournament, but how they will enter this match will in large also depend on their result as they play against Portugal on January 17th.

On January 21st, Hungary will play against Sweden

Handball has been greatly influenced by the Scandinavian nations, and this will be the third Scandinavian nation against which Hungary will play in the tournament.

On January 22nd, Hungary will play against Portugal

This will be a tough one, not because of the incredible skills of the Portuguese team, but because the Hungarians will not have a rest-day in front of the match. Well, neither will Portugal, but it will still create a large pressure upon the players who will for sure be tired by then after playing so many matches in such a short time.

Hungary in the Handball European Championship
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Can Hungary make it to the semi-final?

Hungary has a little advantage considering that they enter the group stage with two points already. These might be very useful when things get tight. However, if the Hungarians can keep up the fighting from the earlier matches, and if they manage to keep their heads calm, this team might make it to the semi-finals. It would for sure be considered a major surprise to everyone if they do, but there is one thing we can know for sure, the Hungarians will be cheering for their team with everything they have!

If you want to cheer for the Hungarians or simply watch the matches online, check the following streaming guide or the following YouTube video for further information!

Are you looking for a place to watch the matches from the European Championship in Handball in Hungary? If you live in a hotel or an apartment with a TV, then look for the channel Sport1. They broadcast all the Hungarian matches and quite a lot of other matches as well.

Another option is to find a sports pub or bar, and they will for sure stream all the matches in which the Hungarian team is involved!

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