Hungary to Semi-final in U20 World Championship

Hungary did it again… they managed to beat a great team in the U-20 World Championship, this time it was Italy, and they ended up qualifying for the semi-final again Ghana. But, it didnt happen easily, or at least not without a fight!

In the 2nd minute Hungary got a penalty, and Vladimir Koman earned the trust and scored the 1-0 goal. And after this Hungary kept on playing well. And after Italy got two red cards, everyone thought it would be easy run. But, then Hungary got a red card as well, and then with only 8 minutes remaining Antonio Mazzotta got a nice ball in the box and scored a goal. So, then it was 1-1… and it remained like that. So yet another time Hungary went to overtime.

The first half of the over time went on without two much action. But, then the action begun! Krisztian Nemeth got a beautiful ball from Vladimir Koman, and the Liverpool striker did as he was supposed to, score! 2-1!

But, before the fans were able even to sit down Bonaventura ran with the ball and scored a goal for the italians. And then, just when everyone thought that now it will be penalties again (like against Czech Republic) Krisztian Nemeth got another beautiful ball, and yet another time Nemeth shot the ball in the net, and this time it proved to be the winner goal.

Hungary 3 – Italy 2

This means that Hungary has qualified for the sem-final in the U-20 World Championship, and this is a great thing for Hungarians not used to much success at the football ground. And I will just repeat what I wrote in my former post about the U-20 World Championhip; If Greece could win the European Championship in 2002, everything is possible in football, so maybe Hungary could go all the way to the top?

To check out the goals from the match, check this link at

Champions League in Budapest

And by the way; tonight Hungary will play against Portugal in Portugal (in the official World Cup Qualification). I guess they do not have a chance, but let us at least wish them good luck!

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