Hungary’s got talent 2009?! André Vásáry

I just thought I’d post two clips from the ongoing Hungary’s got talent 2009 (Csillag Születik). I am regularly watching the show, and though I am not at all impressed by the quality, it might be that one person is pointing out as different and the one who might turn out to win in 2009. The real competition is just about to start (last 12 people), but André Vásáry has turned very popular and the jury and the Hungarians like him. So, take a look at the videos below and please comment your thoughts about him. It is quite different from most singing, but maybe that is what makes it special!

By the way, I like the first clip much better than his version of “Time To Say Goodbye” myself…

André Vásáry sings

Andre Vásáry sings “Time to Say Goodbye”

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