József Borsos exhibition in National Gallery

József Borsos (1821-1883, Painter and Photographer )
Exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, June 18 – October 25, 2009

Jóseph Borsos exhibition - National Gallery of Hungary

József Boros was one of the best Hungarian painters in the 19th century, yet a mysterious one as well. Not to much information has remained about him from his life. He wasnt only painting, but he was also a photographer taking more than 44,000 pictures during his career as a photographer.

József lived in Vienna as well, and in the exhibition paintings can be found from that period as well, making it possible to compare the paintings from his time in Austria and his time in Hungary.

Paintings have been borrowed to the Hungarian National Gallery from private and public collections.

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  1. shelley zeman says:

    I have this painting that Jozsef mor did of a symphony orchestra that I have been told is worth a lot of money but I have no way of knowing. The person I bought it from 12 years ago said it was part of a collection. Any insight? 541-490-3608.

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