More flights to connect Budapest with Paris this summer!

flights from budapest

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer, for many reasons. The Hungarians are happy to see their team play in the European Championship in football (in Germany) in June and July (hopefully), and following the European Championship, the Hungarians look very much forward to the Summer Olympics in Paris. That is going to be a fantastic event in a gorgeous city, and with Hungary normally winning 6-10 gold medals during the Summer Olympics, lots of Hungarians are traveling to Paris to cheer for the athletes.

The Summer Olympics might be the biggest reason for the increased number of flights that will connect Budapest with Paris this summer, but it is also a clear sign that lots of people are traveling and that Paris is a very popular destination, with or without the Summer Olympics.

Wizz Air will increase the number of daily departures to Paris greatly, giving visitors several daily options if they want to travel between the two cities (something that hasn’t been possible so far). Besides that, Wizz Air is offering their gold plane to bring home Hungarian gold medalists from France to Hungary after the Summer Olympics.

Besides those, there will also be new routes between Budapest and the following cities.

  • Brussels, Belgium (from 19 June)
  • Brassó-Brașov, Romania (from 18 June)
  • Bucharest Otopeni, Romania (from 17 June)
  • Stuttgart, Germany (from 18 June)
  • Valencia (from 17 June)

We have a lot to look forward to this summer, both in and outside Hungary. If you want to read more about what’s going on in Hungary this summer, click the link for more information.

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