The Naked Man exhibition at the Ludwig Museum

First of all we have to warn every interested reader that this exhibition contains objects not recommend for kids, so visit this only in the presence of an adult.

Naked manThe naked man fell into oblivion since the antiquity; the stronger sex’s body without clothes was taboo for a long time. But the naked woman body was a totally acceptable and beautiful view in the arts. The Naked Man exhibition wants to change the opinion, that the naked man body isn’t nice. The exhibition was seen in the LENTOS Kunstmuseum in Linz between 26 October 2012 and 17 February 2013. The institution celebrated its 10th anniversary with this exhibition. A part of the exhibition is seen now in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The pictures want to show especially the naked men of the Middle-Europe and Eastern-Europe. The exhibition waits for the visitors between 22 March 2013 and 30 June 2013. The exhibition shows act models since the years 1900 to nowadays.

The Ludwig Museum in Budapest or the Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most outstanding institutions of Hungary, where there are several great permanent and temporary exhibitions always. When somebody visits Budapest for a couple days, this museum is a must see program. Moreover, The Naked Man exhibition makes interesting and unusual the museum visit. Have a great time!

The Naked Man exhibition
Ludwig Múzeum
March 22 – June 30

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