Tamás Szentjóby exhibition at the Ludwig Museum

Maybe not everybody knows the name of the famous not-artist, poet an and happener, Tamás Szentjóby. His widespread art name is St. Auby Tamás, which is a nickname from his last name. He was born in 1944 in a Hungarian town, Fót. He is the first happener of Hungary. He founded the The International Parallel Union of Telecommunications

TNPU(IPUT) in 1968, because of the collective operation of the levels of reality which is parallel with the Status Quo. Its central idea: “The art is hokum. The history is hokum. Art is everything, what not allowed. Be not allowed!” He had to leave the country in 1975, and he could come back only in 1991.

In the capital of Hungary, in Budapest, at the Ludwig Museum or Museum of Contemporary Art gives place to this surrealistic not-artist’s exhibition, which shows the most outstanding works of St. Auby Tamás with enormous social criticism, between 1 March 2013 and 28 April 2013. If you are curious about the opinion and creativity of the talented rebel, you definitely should visit this exhibition, if you are in Budapest during the opening time.

Organize a lovely long weekend to the capital of Hungary, the amazing Budapest. View the most popular and most beautiful attractions in the city, for example the Buda Castle, the Parliament and of course the River Danube with all the bridges, especially the Chain Bridge. We are sure, you won’t regret this spring holiday, especially if you visit St. Auby’s special exhibition. Have a great time!

Tamás Szentjóby exhibition
March 1st – April 28th
Ludwig museum

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