New Starbucks to open in Budapest

New Starbucks to open in Budapest
New Starbucks to open in Budapest

Some months ago Budapest was a city without Starbucks, and Hungary was a nation without Starbucks. Then the first one opened in WestEnd Citycenter, and now the second Starbucks is on the way. The new Starbucks will open in Kiraly utca 56 (if I remember correct), which is on the corner of Király Utca and the Erzsébet Körüt, meaning at the location where a KFC has been found so far. It doesn’t seem like if the KFC will close, they will just give some of their space to Starbucks fo them to be able to serve their coffee and snack bites at the same location.

Good news to people tired of standing in line at Starbucks in WestEnd!

2 thoughts on “New Starbucks to open in Budapest

  1. Simmy says:

    yeeeah, i live in Hungary and i luv Strarbucks! i can’t wait for this one, because it’s closer to my house than the other one! 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Can someone tell me opening hours for Starbucks stores around Christmas and New Year’s Eve? I’m gonnna be in Budapest in that period, so i need the information.. 🙂 Thanx

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