My Starbucks Budapest experience

If you come to Budapest today you will find Starbucks at lots of different locations in town. Today it is a part of the city life that we have become used to, therefore it is strange to think of the fact that the first Starbucks only came to Budapest in 2010.

The first Starbucks opened in WestEnd Citycenter autumn 2010 and since then Starbucks have shown up everywhere in town. I will not write a number telling the amount of Starbucks cafes in Budapest, because in a month or two that number will for sure be outdated. But, if you are out there looking for a Starbucks cafe in Budapest, you can find Starbucks at the following locations in Budapest currently.

Starbucks cafes in Budapest at the moment

Starbucks Szena Ter, Margit krt. 91
Starbucks Mammut, Lovohaz Street 2-6
Starbucks Basilica, Hercegprimas utca 7
Starbucks WestEnd, Vaci ut 1-3
Starbucks Kiraly, Erszebet korut 53
Starbucks Fashion Street, Deák Ferenc u. 23, 1052 Budapest
Starbucks Arena, 1087 Budapest, Kerepesi út. 9.

If any of these cafes disappear or new restaurants are opened, please write a comment and I will update this list with the new names and addresses.

My own Starbucks experience

Starbucks has a name that makes it able to survive at most places in the world, so also in Budapest. Not long ago I visited the Starbucks in Fashion Street and asked the person to whom I paid how many locals and internationals visit the place. She said that 80-90% of the visitors are tourists, while the rest are locals. I guess this is the most touristic Starbucks location in Budapest, which means that the percentage of locals will be much higher in the other cafes, but it still gives a hint about the fact that Starbucks is expensive to locals. A coffee normally cost between 800-1200 HUF (depending on size and type) while cakes and sweets cost between 400-1000 HUF.

Since I am not much of a coffee drinker I rather drink a Frappuccino, and you can find those in lots of different version in Starbucks. The waffle tastes like Belgium and the hot chocolate feels like a cocoa, which is just the way I like it (I do not enjoy hot chocolate if I feel like I am drinking pure chocolate – well, that’s me!).

Some Starbucks price examples

Caffé Latte (smallest) – 690 HUF
Espresso (smallest) – 490 HUF
Caffé Americano (smallest) – 650 HUF
Hot Chocolate (smallest) – 890 HUF
Hot tea (smallest) – 550 HUF
Caramal Frappuccino (smallest) – 990 HUF

Starbucks shop

As in Starbucks all around the world you can buy lots of effects in the Budapest Starbucks as well. The most popular effect is probably the Starbucks Budapest mug, a really nice souvenir for collectors visiting Budapest.

Starbucks souvenirs in Budapest

Have you got any Budapest Starbucks experience you would like to share? Any addresses we are missing, or maybe some of the mentioned cafes have closed down (would surprise me). Share whatever is on your mind as you write a comment!

New Friday’s and Starbucks in Budapest

Last weekend a new Starbucks opened in Mammut Budapest, the nice shoppingcenter on the Buda side. That means Budapest now has two Starbucks‘ and as we all know the third will open within shortly in Király Utca.

Not long ago a new Friday’s restaurant opened as well, which means Budapest now has four Friday’s restaurant. The latest Friday’s is located at the Deak Ferenc Square, somewhere between McDonalds and Coffee heaven (former localities of Il Patio)!

Next time you long for a taste of America, you know where to go!

Two new Starbucks on the way

New Starbucks to open in Budapest
New Starbucks to open in Budapest
We have earlier written about the fact that a new Starbucks will soon open in Kiraly utca. They are still working on this one to prepare it for opening, but not only this one anymore.

A few days ago the news was given that a new Starbucks will open before Christmas in Mammut 2 as well. This will then become the first Starbucks on the Buda side of the Danube.

Great news for Starbucks lovers in Budapest, of whom there seems to be many as the Starbucks in Westend is packed from morning till evening.

New Starbucks to open in Budapest

New Starbucks to open in Budapest
New Starbucks to open in Budapest

Some months ago Budapest was a city without Starbucks, and Hungary was a nation without Starbucks. Then the first one opened in WestEnd Citycenter, and now the second Starbucks is on the way. The new Starbucks will open in Kiraly utca 56 (if I remember correct), which is on the corner of Király Utca and the Erzsébet Körüt, meaning at the location where a KFC has been found so far. It doesn’t seem like if the KFC will close, they will just give some of their space to Starbucks fo them to be able to serve their coffee and snack bites at the same location.

Good news to people tired of standing in line at Starbucks in WestEnd!

Starbucks: Finally in Budapest

Standing in line in front of Starbucks in Budapest
Standing in line in front of Starbucks in Budapest
Starbucks is finally here! Yesterday Hungary’s first Starbucks opened, in Budapest, in WestEnd Citycenter. That means that we do not have to wait any longer, but we can finally get the coffee from Starbucks in Hungary as well. If you go to WestEnd today, you might have to wait some still, because there are quite long lines in front of Starbucks. Now what we reported on May 6th that Starbucks would come to Budapest has come to pass, so why not go grab a coffee and a cake in Budapest newest coffee shop?

More information about Starbucks at our Starbucks page.