My Starbucks Budapest experience

If you come to Budapest today you will find Starbucks at lots of different locations in town. Today it is a part of the city life that we have become used to, therefore it is strange to think of the fact that the first Starbucks only came to Budapest in […]

New Friday’s and Starbucks in Budapest

Last weekend a new Starbucks opened in Mammut Budapest, the nice shoppingcenter on the Buda side. That means Budapest now has two Starbucks‘ and as we all know the third will open within shortly in Király Utca. Not long ago a new Friday’s restaurant opened as well, which means Budapest […]

Two new Starbucks on the way

We have earlier written about the fact that a new Starbucks will soon open in Kiraly utca. They are still working on this one to prepare it for opening, but not only this one anymore. A few days ago the news was given that a new Starbucks will open before […]

New Starbucks to open in Budapest

Some months ago Budapest was a city without Starbucks, and Hungary was a nation without Starbucks. Then the first one opened in WestEnd Citycenter, and now the second Starbucks is on the way. The new Starbucks will open in Kiraly utca 56 (if I remember correct), which is on the […]

Starbucks: Finally in Budapest

Starbucks is finally here! Yesterday Hungary’s first Starbucks opened, in Budapest, in WestEnd Citycenter. That means that we do not have to wait any longer, but we can finally get the coffee from Starbucks in Hungary as well. If you go to WestEnd today, you might have to wait some […]