Newest steakhouse in Budapest – La Pampa

Hamburger in La Pampa Budapest
Hamburger in La Pampa Budapest

March 17th, 2011, a new steakhouse opened in Budapest, La Pampa. First we though this was to be a big opponent of Pampas Steakhouse, but later it turned out that the ownership is in fact the same. So, why open a new restaurant? Better to compete with yourself, than with someone else, probably! And La Pampa can in fact serve as an improvement of Pampas. The interior is much more modern and elegant, and this is probably more suitable for an important business dinner than Pampas. And since we quite often experienced that Pampas Steakhouse was fully booked during weekends, this can take some of the customers to La Pampa which will make it easier to get a table, maybe!

The menu is almost the same (with a few differences), and the prices are the same… and the quality, also the same!

If you are in need of a table reservation at either Pampas Steakhouse or La Pampa, visit our table reservation page!

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