People come to shop in Hungary

People from Slovakia are packing their bags together and every weekend they cross the border to Hungary to go shopping. Due to the week forint and strong Euro the prices has made it worth for them to come to Hungary shopping. The prices are around 20 % lower than back home in Slovakia, so therefore they come to shop clothes and groceries.

In a shoppingcenter in Györ one of the leaders said that around 20 % of the customers in the weekend come from Slovakia. On the other side of the border the shops are though complaining. Until now the Hungarians went there to shop, but now the Hungarians do not come, and the Slovakians come to Hungary… double miss!

We wrote an article about this earlier, what these price differences mean… you can read that article here (it has several interesting examples showing how much money you can save).

Weak forint and strong Euro
Currency in Hungary

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