What a surprise! :)

Madonna TicketsIt is February 20 and the time is 10.05 as I write this. For those informed they know that the ticketsale for the Madonna concert in Budapest started five minutes ago. So, I thought I would visit TicketPro just for fun, to see if what I predicted yesterday turned out to be true (overloaded servers and delays). First I got an error page coming up trying to enter the TicketPro homepage. Second time I entered a temporary page that said:

“Dear Customers! Our website is under heavy demand at the moment. In order to serve you with tickets with the highest possible standards we temporary stopped providing content on this site. If you are here to buy your Madonna ticket, please follow this link.”

Then I tried clicking the link, but I received a new error page. Then I tried again… a new error page. And now I am writing this article. But, it is just to try for everyone, and then it will probably become better within some hours, hopefully!

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