Pictures from Budapest during the coronavirus!

Hungary is in nationwide quarantine. People can go for a walk, but they need to keep a 2m distance to other people. They can go to work and they can purchase groceries and medicines. But, with most people staying inside all day, and no tourists in Budapest, the streets are almost empty.

We visited some of the most popular tourist locations in Budapest to see what they look like during the coronavirus quarantine. Here you can see the pictures we made during our little excursion.

Coronavirus pictures from Budapest

The Heroes square – almost entirely empty
Szechenyi Budapest
The Szechenyi thermal bath is closed.
Andrassy Budapest
The Andrassy út in Budapest
The Fishermen's bastion in Budapest
The Fishermen’s bastion in Budapest
Gellert hill Budapest
Beautiful spring colors in Budapest
Gellert hill
The Gellert hill is almost empty
The view is still amazing at the Gellert Hill
The view is still amazing at the Gellert Hill

We hope these images will cheer you up! We hope for the coronavirus to disappear as quickly as possible, and once again make it possible to visit Budapest!

If you want to get the latest news about the coronavirus in Budapest and Hungary, click the link.

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