Pictures from the spring market in Budapest 2023

Spring is here, and so is the spring market in Budapest. There are actually two spring markets in Budapest at the moment, one at Vörösmarty Square and one at Városháza Square. We have been to both of them; here you can see some pictures.

The market at Vörösmarty Square opened a few weeks ago and will end later this week. The market at Városháza Square opened a few days ago and will remain open for a few more weeks. You can find exact dates and more information about the spring markets in Budapest on this page.

Pictures from the spring market(s) in Budapest.

As you can see, there are lots of things to eat at the spring markets in Budapest. If you intend to buy beautiful Easter decorations and painted eggs, you will not have a lot to choose from, as the market is much more about eating and drinking, with a few stalls left with products related to spring and Easter.

Would you like to learn more about what you should eat and taste at the spring market? There are lots of similarities between the Easter market and the Christmas market, so read our thorough article about the Christmas markets in Budapest and you will be better prepared.

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