Polish Refugees in Hungary 1939-1944: Budapest History Museum

The exhibition in the Budapest History Museum called “Friends in Misery – Polish Refugees in Hungary 1939-1944” is soon about to end. The last date for the exhibition is October 22nd, so if you are interested, but have not had the time to see it yet, you better get going.

Some useful background information:
During the Second World War around 100-140 thousand Polish refugees were staying in Hungary. In the fall of 1939 ca. 70-90 thousand Polish soldiers and civilians entered the territory of Hungary. The majority left till the spring of 1940 but till the end of the war around 30 thousand soldiers and civilians stayed in Hungary as Poland did not surrender officially even after the defeat. The Polish government and the military headquarters was reorganized in France and several outstanding politicians and military leaders fled to France often through Hungary.

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