T-Bone steak at home in Budapest

Last week I saw some articles on the web about Rob Longworth, a Canadian expat who has lived in Budapest since 1990 and who has a long experience in the restaurant and food business. Recently he opened a website named primecuts.hu and from that website you can order meat from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the US.

Since Hungary has lots of poultry and pork Rob Longworth does not offer such meat on the webpage, but if you are interested in beef or lamb, then this might be interesting. The lack of consistency in the quality of Hungarian beef was the main reason for creating the webpage, and now you can get top quality t-bone steaks and other meet delivered at your door in Budapest.

Personally I do like meat and I am very happy if I get a good steak, but I am not so much of a judge to say whether a piece of meat is bad, middle class or super. Anyway I contacted Rob and ordered a large piece of Eye of Rump Beef Roast and a USDA T-Bone Steak. I was lucky because he had something ready to deliver, so within a few days I got the meat delivered and then it was time for a T-Bone steak at home in Budapest. The Eye of Rump Beef Roast was a large piece of meat so I thawed it, cut parts of it into small steaks and the rest I roasted. Since I am not at all a master of this I did not really know what to expect, but I can say that I was very satisfied with both the T-Bone steak, the Eye of Rump steak and as I roasted the other parts of the beef it was very tasty and nice.

I received some advices from some friends of mine who are meat lovers with experience on the subject of steaks and preparing meat, so maybe that helped me out, but at least I can say that I had some really nice meat for both lunch and dinner the last days and I enjoyed it a lot (and so did my family).

If you know more about meat than I do and would like to have some premium quality delivered at your door in Budapest, then head over to Prime Cuts and place your order today!


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