Restaurants in Budapest closing because of the Covid-19 virus!

Everyone working with tourism is suffering because of the Coronavirus. That is also true in Budapest, and as a result, lots of restaurants have decided not to remain open in the coming days, weeks, and most likely, months.

One of the best restaurants in Budapest, Textura, which is operated by the same people who run the restaurant Borkonyha (with one Michelin star), reported that they will close the restaurant from March 16th. At first, they plan to re-open the restaurant at the start of May.

Coronavirus food

We also received a report from a waiter in a very nice Hungarian wine restaurant in the city center (BorLaBor), that after only having a few visitors in an entire day, the management decided to close the restaurant from March 16th as well. Hopefully, the restaurant will be able to re-open once the virus danger is over.

These are just two examples of something that is a trend among restaurants, not only in Budapest but worldwide. Many restaurants in Budapest reported about a 20% revenue decrease in January, followed by approximately 40% in February, and with the total stop of tourism in March, the March numbers will be catastrophic for everyone.

For more daily updates on the coronavirus in Budapest, click the link!

We will return with more information about restaurants in Budapest as we expect many more announcements because of similar situations in the upcoming days and weeks.

New Years Eve offers for 2011

New Years Eve in BorLaBor?
New Years Eve in BorLaBor?

We have recently started updating our page with information on different restaurant offers for New Years Eve in 2011. So far we have offers and menus and price information from La Pampa, Pampas Steakhouse, Mátyás Pince, Karpátia, BorLaBor and Kaltenberg, and more restaurant are to come on our list within shortly.

So if you come to Budapest for New Years Eve, check out the list, and once you have found the offer pleasing to you, send us an email and we will help you with the reservation.

Budapest on New Years Eve