Eating outdoors in Budapest – Where to eat on a warm evening?

It is warm outside, the sun is shining, and you are exploring the city of Budapest in shorts and a T-shirt. Now you would like to grab something to eat, but sitting inside feels like hypocrisy with the beautiful weather outside. Where can you go in Budapest to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a delicious dinner, or a quick snack while enjoying a stunning view or a quiet street? There are lots of options, and you will probably succeed in your mission even without this article. But, we have still written this article to help you find a somewhere to eat and drink outdoors in Budapest.

Budapest’s weather brings joy to outdoor enthusiasts, and the warm evenings arrive already in March and April. If you are lucky, you can sit outside and eat your dinner until late November. This delightful climate sets the stage for a long season of outdoor eating, inviting both locals and tourists to relish the outdoors while indulging in delectable meals. Of course, you might be unlucky and experience terrible weather with rain and wind in this period, but if you are lucky, you can sit outside and eat fantastic food from March until November.

But, where should you go? We will come up with some concrete suggestions, but also give you some general suggestions and ideas.

General tips about eating outdoors in Budapest.

It isn’t difficult to find a place where you can eat and drink outdoors in Budapest. It is very normal for restaurants and cafés to have tables outdoors, so you can mostly find this wherever you go.

There are certain areas in which you will find it much more concentrated, and here I will share some popular areas with you.

Váci utca – the pedestrian street of Budapest.

There are many restaurants in Budapest’s main shopping street with chairs and tables outside. The closer you get to Vörösmarty Square, the better they get, and you will find even more at the square itself. There are several Italian and Hungarian restaurants in this area, and you might be surprised to discover that these restaurants aren’t much more expensive than restaurants elsewhere in Budapest.

Liszt Ferenc tér – the square named after the most famous Hungarian composer.

This is a fantastic square for dining outdoors, and if is packed with restaurants, bars, and cafés. Honestly, this is probably the best area for dining in a peaceful environment in Budapest, at a square without car traffic, and you are only surrounded by hundreds of others at the square eating and drinking together with you.

The restaurants at the square have all sorts of profiles and the quality they serve is very good. In other words, the restaurants you will find at this square should be suitable for an evening with friends, or with colleagues and future business partners.

Ráday utca – a popular street among locals and tourists.

Starting from Kalvin tér, the Ráday utca is popular for dining and drinking. It has restaurants located next to one another, and you will find restaurants mentioned by the Michelin guide, fast food restaurants, great places for pizza, bakeries, and whatever you might look for in this street.

Some people complain that there is car traffic in the street, meaning that you might be disturbed by the traffic passing by (it is a one-way road). If you don’t mind some cars making noise, then this is a perfect place to go for a good dinner while enjoying a fantastic spring/summer/autumn evening in Budapest.

Bonus: Along the Danube – dining outside with a spectacular panorama.

One should not forget about the Danube, the river that makes Budapest so special and beautiful. There are lots of restaurants along the Danube, and two of the premium locations for dining is the area close to the Szabadság híd (as you walk towards the Petöfi híd). This area is undiscovered by most tourists, but it gives a spectacular view while enjoying premium bites of food.

The more typical area to dine is next to the Danube Princess, the statue located at the Vigadó square. Here you will find several restaurants, and this location is only 150 meters from Vörösmarty Square, the popular square at the end of the pedestrian street of Budapest. The most famous restaurant here is Corso, a place known for delicious Hungarian food accompanied by Hungarian gypsy music.

Cut the trap – Where can I eat outdoors in Budapest?

We have given you lots of useful information already, but are you looking for concrete names and suggestions? Here you go.

Corsó – Apáczai Csere János u. 12-14

corso restaurant

We mentioned this earlier in the article, but it is a great option if you want a very traditional Hungarian meal with a stunning view of the Danube. The profile of the restaurant is outdoor seating, meaning that this restaurant is available with seating outdoors throughout the year (almost). It might be a bit touristic, and if you don’t want musicians playing the typical gypsy music close up all evening, you might want to find a seat as far away from them as possible (they will most likely come and play by your table once anyway).

Aszú & Rézkakas – Sas utca

These restaurants are located opposite one another in the popular Sas utca. This street has restaurants with Michelin stars, and even though Aszú and Rézkaks don’t have Michelin stars, they are still great for fantastic dinners while enjoying the fresh air of Budapest. The outdoor area of Aszú is bigger and better than that of Rézkakas, so if you want to make sure to get a good table outside, Aszú is a better option.

Both restaurants have a very traditional Hungarian profile with the best dishes from Hungary, traditional Hungarian music, and tasty Hungarian wine. It isn’t a coincidence that the restaurant Aszú has received its name from the most famous of all wines produced in Hungary.

You can read more about Rézkakas and Aszú by clicking the links. You can reserve a table in both restaurants at the following page.

Gerbaud – Vörösmarty tér

The most famous confectionery in Budapest is located at the Vörösmarty tér, and it’s named Gerbeaud. Gerbeaud has been around since 1858 and people love it for its yummy cakes and pastries. Inside, it has kept the atmosphere of a traditional confectionery, and the place is especially known for cakes such as the Dobos cake and Gerbeaud cake.

Gerbeaud has a large outdoor area in which you can eat and drink, making it a perfect way to relax and enjoy something after a long day with shopping or just as a place for a coffee break in the middle of the day before you get at exploring Budapest once again.

Prime Steakhouse – Sas utca.

Would you like to eat something else than a Hungarian wiener schnitzel, or an Italian pizza? Do you feel the water in your mouth if you think about a juicy 300g steak? There are lots of steakhouses in Budapest, but few of them have outdoor seating. Prime Steakhouse in Sas utca is first of all an indoor steak restaurant, but they have 4-6 tables outdoors at which groups can sit down and eat. Of course, it is very important to book a table if you want to ensure that you get to sit and eat outside during a busy evening, but you might also be lucky if you are just walking by.

It is possible to eat delightful steaks outdoors at Prime Steakhouse in Budapest.
It is possible to eat delightful steaks outdoors at Prime Steakhouse in Budapest.

Prime Steakhouse isn’t only one of few steakhouses in Budapest with outdoor seating… it is a very good place for steaks. The restaurant also has a cool way of presenting their desserts, meaning that they have models of all the desserts available in the restaurants. As a result, you can decide what to eat for desert based on what they will look like on the plate. Isn’t that cool?

We have now given you basic information about dining outdoors in Budapest and suggestions for areas where you can find lots of great restaurants. If you have read through the entire article, you also know that there are lots of restaurants all across the city where you can eat outside, so there is no need to worry.

If you have any further questions, or maybe suggestions and input that you would like to share, use the comment field below. We look forward to hearing from you!