Poetic Abstract Art – Duna Palota

In the period between March 4th and March 27 visitors to the Danube Palace in Zrinyi Utca 5 can enjoy the exhibition called “Poetic Abstract Art by Zsuzsa Szikra”.

Poetic Abstract Art by Zsuzsa Szikra
March 4 – March 27
Danube Palace, Zrinyi Utca 5

The exhibition is connected to the Budapest Spring Festival

About the exhibition:
The relationship between the parts, the squares, is a most important part of the work of Zsuzsa Szikra, made in the abstract tradition. For example see the work ‘the battle of the colors’ in which we encounter a contrast but also a balance of green, purple and blue.The style of the painter is established and therefore she has her own place in contemporary art. The balance and contrast of the colors relates to mathematical formulas; a world in balance but also vivid and exciting. An example is ‘Saint Patrick’s Blue’ showing yellow, red and blue, differently placed but always close together. The exhibition gives an overview of watercolors, mixed techniques and prints.

Zsuzsa Szikra was born in Hungary and was schooled at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. She studied under Jeno Barcsay who created the famous ‘Anatomy for Artists’ . Barcsay made important constructivist, geometrical art and strongly influenced the work of his pupil, Zsuzsa Szikra. See for example his painting; ‘Courtyard of a Church’ (1945). Momentarily Zsuzsa Szikra works in Budapest, Paris and London.