Ez Az a Nap 2020

Would you like to experience the biggest Christian event in Budapest? Ez Az a Nap is an annual event that is arranged in the Hungarian capital. Some of the most famous Christian artists from the entire world come to this event, and also worship leaders from Hungary come to take part in the event.

Ez Az A Nap is Hungarian, and it means This is the day. This event is not just for Christians from one denomination, but it is for everyone! That is why several thousand people come together for these events every year.

Ez az a Nap 2020

The event has been postponed to 2021 because of the coronavirus. MORE INFORMATION TO COME LATER!

Ez Az a Nap 2020

In 2020, Ez az a Nap will be very special. It will be arranged at the Puskas Arena, the venue that will host several matches during the European Championship in football in 2020. It has space for more than 60,000 people, and the goal is to fill it with people for this year’s event.

A single ticket for the event costs 4000 HUF.
You can buy tickets for the event here.

The event will be held on July 18th.

Who will come to Ez Az a Nap in 2020?

There will be many artists coming in 2020. Here you can see a list of some of the artists that will come.

  • Michael W. Smith
  • Chris Tomlin
  • Tim Hughes
  • Rend Collective
  • Martin Smith
  • Matt Maher
  • Noel Richards
  • Louie Giglio
  • Caramel
  • Pinter Bela
  • PZM
  • Unless
  • Pinter Bela
  • Mezo Misi
  • Crux
  • and several others…

This is going to be a fantastic event!

Where to park your car?

Do not forget, it is really hard to park near Puskas Arena. It is, therefore, recommended to arrive with public transportation or to park your car in the Arena Mall located not far from the arena.

This is the day! 2015

EzAzANap 2015The This is the day! is a christian festival which will be held again in Budapest in 2015 and it is one of the most prestigious and most popular christian festivals in Hungary.

Every single believer and non believer are welcomed for this special day to celebrate God. Like in every year in 2015 the festival gives home to some special programs and concerts. The exact programs and concerts for This is the day! are not confirmed yet what we already know that Rend Collective will be on stage on this special day and everyone who buys a ticket for the festival gets a free DVD of the 2014 event. The DVD of 2014 was made by eight HD cameras and it also contains interviews of last year’s roadshow, photos of the event and backstage videos as well.

Tickets for This is the day! are already available, one ticket costs 2240 HUF which includes the free DVD of 2014. If you buy 5 tickets you get one for free, if you buy 10 then you get three more for free and if you buy 15 tickets then you get five more for free. The This is the day! will be held on 30th May in 2015 and the event will take place at the Budapest Sportarèna in Budapest.

Some more artists coming to Ez az a Nap 2015


Papp László Budapest Sportarèna
Budapest, Stefánia út 2, 1143

For more information on the event please visit the official site.

Martin Smith and Band concert in Budapest

Martin SmithMartin Smith is an English singer, songwriter and musician who will be performing in Budapest again this year. Martin Smith got world wide known as the lead singer of the Christian rock and worship band Delirious?.

The Delirious? was one of the most influential Christian bands and had great success. One of the most popular songs of the band was “Deeper”, “I Could Sing of Your Love” and “History Maker”. After the band split up Martin Smith started a successful career on his own and he joined to a new band. With the new band they have been in Hungary twice already giving concerts in Budapest and it will be the third time Martin Smith and his new band will be on stage in Budapest. The concert this year will be take place at A38.

Martin Smith and Band came out with two solo albums already and they worked in collaboration with another famous Christian rock and worship band the Jesus Culture in June 2012. This year the concert will be take place at A38. The Martin Smith and Band concert will be held on Sunday 9th November 2014. Tickets for the concert are already available and the tickets cost 2990Ft.

Jesus Culture Budapest

Jesus Culture in Budapest
Jesus Culture in Budapest

Budapest is often visited by great and famous praise and worship bands, as Ez az a Nap (This is the Day) is doing an awesome work arranging these kinds of concerts. Because of this Budapest has been visited by Hillsong, Planetshakers, Ron Kenoly, Delirious, Michael W. Smith, Petra and similar artists several times, and now, in the autumn of 2011, Jesus Culture will come to town. Jesus Culture is getting more and more popular around the globe, and many of their songs have turned into big hits around in churches. October 2nd they will perform in Budapest Sportarena, so if you like their music, or if you are simply curious, check it out. Quite a lot of Hungarian artists will perform at the concert as well.

Jesus Culture Budapest
October 2nd, 17.00
Budapest Sportarena

Budapest events and concerts

Planetshakers and Ron Kenoly in Budapest

Ron Kenoly in Budapest
Ron Kenoly in Budapest
This coming Saturday a great gospel event will be arranged at the Margaret Island, in the Island Athletic Centre. The event starts at 15.30 and it will last until 22:30. Quite some Hungarian artists will perform, and the most famous internetional artists are Ron Kenoly (worship leader) and Planetshakers (an australian worship team).

Tickets can be bought on the spot, so if you would like to be there, just get to the Margeret Island and the Island Athletic Centre, and get hold of your ticket there. The name of the event is “This is the Day” (Ez az a nap)!

This is the Day 2010
Margaret Island Athletic Centre
June 19, 15.30-22.30

Budapest concerts