Formula 1 – Hungarian Grand Prix 2013

The Formula-1 is a worldwide liked car racing. This is the highest category of car racings. At the event the cars are open body, one seat, operating at atmospheric pressure with combustion engine. The competitions take places in different countries, these are the Grand Prixes. The more place competitions’ one station is no other, but Hungary. The Hungarian Grand Prix happen near to the capital, Budapest, in Mogyoród in every year since 1986 without break. The Hungarian motorway’s official name is Hungaroring. The motorway reached its final form in 2003, it’s 4,381 meters long.

And in this year, 2013 the time of Hungarian Grand Prix is coming, so those, who love Formula-1’s excitement, speed and sometimes dangers, do not miss it! Visit to Hungary, book a room somewhere in the capital, Budapest, view the local attractions, the historical buildings, the bridges, the Danube and everything else, and between 26 and 28 July 2013 let’s go to Mogyoród! Moreover, there is an amazing Aquapark in the city, where you could easily rest the tire of cheerleading.

Be the part of the Formula-1’s history at the Hungarian Grand Prix at Mogyoród. Cheerlead together with more thousand people to Hamilton, Button and the others, excite the competition, taste the Hungarian specialties in the city and have a great time from 26 to 28 July 2013! Have fun!

Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix
July 26-28, 2013