Is Visa widely accepted for restaurants, shopping, etc. in Budapest? thanks

Thank you for the question and the answer is yes. Most shops, restaurants and activities in Budapest accept payment with VISA card.

VISA in BudapestThere are of course some exceptions to the rule, especially in smaller restaurants (like Comme Chez Soi) and if you visit Szentendre most shops there only accept payment in cash. However the general “rule” is that shops in the shopping street Vaci utca, shops in the malls and so on accept payment with VISA.

The Great Market Hall, a very popular place to go shopping, does not accept payment with VISA on any of the stands on the inside, so before entering this traditional market place downtown Budapest you better prepare yourself with some Hungarian Forint.

Where are the best places to change Euros to Florints in Budapest. Or, can I just use Euros?

Thank you for the question and we hope you will find our answer satisfying. There are several articles dealing with this matter on the web, and in our own Budapest Guide you can also read about this in the following article. The first question is where it is best to change Euro to Forint (not Florint) in Budapest. Probably the best way to change money is by using an ATM. Thus you get the best exchange rate, which is the actual rate, and the only fee added is the fee of withdrawing money from your account using your card abroad. There are lots of ATMs in Budapest, so that should not be so hard to find. If you still need to change money, what to do then?

There are quite a lot of exchange offices around downtown Budapest, and our advice would be to check out 3 such offices before changing money for the first time. Compare the exchange rates, and pick the one that is best. There are some offices known in Budapest to be very good places to change money, and one of these are located just opposite the New York hotel (on the other side of the Grand boulevard), near Blaha Lujza square in Budapest. That would be our recommendation. A good sign of quality and great exchange rates is that if you change Euro to Forint the sale and buy price has very little difference. For example you can buy Euro for 286 Forint and sell Euro for 283 Forint. If you see such small difference, that is a good sign. In the very city center you will probably not find such good rates, but if the difference is 4-6 Forint between buy and sell, that is still quite good.

Can I pay with Euro in Budapest?

Yes, in many situations you can, but let us say that one Euro is currently worth 285 Forint. When you walk into a shop to pay with Euro they have normally a set Euro value, meaning that you get somewhere between 250-275 Forint per Euro, far less than what it is actually worth. It doesn’t mean to so much if you are only eating a meal in McDonalds, but if you use Euro in a lot of places you will in fact lose a good amount of money in the end. Therefore it is much better to grab hold of some local Forints instead of running around paying with Euro everywhere.

Hope this answer will help you. You can find more info about the Hungarian currency in this article as well.

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Currency converter

The Hungarian Forint is never standing still, and it can be quite hard to keep up to date with the value of the Hungarian Forint. Some years ago 1 Euro was 230 Forint, and then in 2009 1 Euro reached around 320 Forint. Currently 1 Euro gives you somewhere between 280 and 290 Forints, but this keeps changing all the time. Because of this we just added a currency converter to our page about the currency in Hungary, so if you would like to know how much the Hungarian Forint is currently worth, head towards our currency page!

Currency page with currency converter

Forint getting weaker

I just noticed yesterday that the Hungarian Forint has gotten a little bit weaker the last week. Lately 1 Euro has normally been between 268 and 270 Forints, but as I looked around and checked out the Currency Converter tool on our currency page I noticed that the Forint has grown a bit weaker and you can now get around 277 or 278 Forints pr. Euro.

This does not make to much of a change if you are speaking about little money, but for larger sums this for sure makes a difference. I am curious to see if the Forint will grow stronger again, or if this will be the new average level on which we can find it in the time to come!

By the way; do not forget to use all 200 Forint papermoney that you have, because from November 16 you will no longer be able to use them in Hungary. To use them you will have to go to the Hungarian National Bank (at the Liberty Square) and change them in there.

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Currency converter (HUF/EUR/USD)

Earlier this spring we updated our pages almost daily with news concerning the Forint, as it reach record bottom levels. Since then it has stabilized, and it is normally to be found that 1 Euro is around 270 Forint. 1 Dollar is normally around 185 Forint.

The good news is that we have found an online currency converter which we could add to our homepage, so if you go check out our currency page which contains advices, tips and information about the Hungarian currency, changing of money etc, you can also find an online currency converter at the bottom of the page. Hope it will prove useful, I do like it a lot myself at least (especially useful that it automaticly shows the value of 1 Euro in Forints)!

Hungarian currency page