Currency converter

The Hungarian Forint is never standing still, and it can be quite hard to keep up to date with the value of the Hungarian Forint. Some years ago 1 Euro was 230 Forint, and then in 2009 1 Euro reached around 320 Forint. Currently 1 Euro gives you somewhere between 280 and 290 Forints, but […]

Forint getting weaker

I just noticed yesterday that the Hungarian Forint has gotten a little bit weaker the last week. Lately 1 Euro has normally been between 268 and 270 Forints, but as I looked around and checked out the Currency Converter tool on our currency page I noticed that the Forint has grown a bit weaker and […]

Currency converter (HUF/EUR/USD)

Earlier this spring we updated our pages almost daily with news concerning the Forint, as it reach record bottom levels. Since then it has stabilized, and it is normally to be found that 1 Euro is around 270 Forint. 1 Dollar is normally around 185 Forint. The good news is that we have found an […]