Forint getting weaker

I just noticed yesterday that the Hungarian Forint has gotten a little bit weaker the last week. Lately 1 Euro has normally been between 268 and 270 Forints, but as I looked around and checked out the Currency Converter tool on our currency page I noticed that the Forint has grown a bit weaker and you can now get around 277 or 278 Forints pr. Euro.

This does not make to much of a change if you are speaking about little money, but for larger sums this for sure makes a difference. I am curious to see if the Forint will grow stronger again, or if this will be the new average level on which we can find it in the time to come!

By the way; do not forget to use all 200 Forint papermoney that you have, because from November 16 you will no longer be able to use them in Hungary. To use them you will have to go to the Hungarian National Bank (at the Liberty Square) and change them in there.

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