Goose liver festival at the Buda Castle

Maybe the number one Hungarian speciality when it comes to gourmet food is the Goose liver. Not everyone like it, but those who like it normally love it. And because of that, the goose liver has gotten its own festival in Budapest. On this festival lasting for three days you can taste all kinds of goose liver, drink Hungarian wine, beer and palinka, listen to famous Hungarian artists, and then eat some more goose liver while enjoying the rest.

Goose liver festival Budapest
Goose liver festival Budapest

The goose liver festival is arranged on the terrace in front of the Buda Castle, so you can enjoy a beautiful Budapest panorama while at the festival.

The festival is arranged at the following times:
June 1: 12.00-23.00
June 2: 10.00-23.00
June 3: 10.00-23.00

The one day ticket to the festival costs 1900 HUF, while the three day ticket costs 3800 HUF.