Judo World Championships 2017 in Budapest

Between August 28th and September 3rd the Judo World Championships will be arranged in the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena in Budapest.

2017 is going to be a great year for sports-enthusiasts in Budapest. Not only will the Hungarian capital arrange the FINA World Championships (swimming), but the city will also arrange the Judo World Championships. Even though the latter event might not bring as many people to town as the first event, arranging a world championships still is a giant thing to do.

Judo World Championships in Budapest
The Hungarian mascot and some Hungarian stars.

For a long time it was unknown which arena would be used for the event (and Wikipedia still doesn’t know it), but it has recently been published that the championship will be arranged in Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena. This is the most popular venue in Budapest for concerts and large indoor sports events. It is located near the city center, so if you find the Elisabeth Bridge (the white bridge), and just follow the main road on the Pest side and walk away from the bridge, you will in the end find yourself to be next to the venue. It is however much easier to just jump on the metro and travel to the metro stop named “Stadionok” on the red metro line.

The mascot for the tournament is the  Judo playing Hungarian retriever (vizsla).

What to do in Budapest besides this?

There are lots of activities worth trying while in Budapest. A river cruise on the Danube can always be recommended, and the same is true about popular programs such as wine tastings and our private guided tours. You can read more about these and lots of other programs in the Hungarian capital here in our Budapest Guide.

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