Madonna Budapest 2012

Madonna Budapest
Madonna will not come to Budapest in 2012

This could have been an article about the happy news that Madonna will come to Budapest in 2012 on her big Europe tour this year. But, unfortunately it is not, because Madonna will visit a whole lot of places, but not Budapest (at least we do not anything about it yet).

The closest destination to Budapest is the Madonna concert in Vienna. In addition to Vienna, Madonna will also perform in London, Paris, Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Oslo and several other important cities in Europe.

 We know that large groups of Hungarians are planing to travel to Vienna to be at the Madonna concert there, so if you are looking for someone to travel with, you will for sure find someone on Facebook or you can check whether some Hungarian agency arrange with trips to the Madonna concert in Vienna. If you come to Budapest as a tourist, you might need to visit another city as well this year, at least if you want to see Madonna live on stage in 2012.