From Budapest to Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Krakow

Did you know that it is easy and cheap to travel from Budapest to big cities in other countries? Thanks to the Hungarian bus company Orangeways there are several opportunities daily to travel to these cities and booking can be done easily online. The buses leave from Nepliget in Budapest (blue metro line) and the buses drives you safely to all the cities mentioned in the topic; Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Krakow.

They have other destinations as well, but these are just examples. So, if you are planning to travel, why not come to Budapest and use this as a center for travelling on to other cities and nations.

Information about Vienna, Prague, Krakow and Bratislava.


Prague vs. Budapest

There is a constant fight between Prague and Budapest; which city should the tourist visit? In 2008 Prague had almost 5,000,000 tourists coming to visit the city. Hungary had a total amount of 10,000,000 tourists coming in 2008. London alone has around 27,000,000 per year. Quite some numbers! But the real fight is not between Budapest and London, but between Budapest and Prague. As the cities are located quite near to oneanother, some people decide to combine the two cities, while other feels as if they have to decide… Budapest or Prague!

Beautiful Budapest

I need to decide – Budapest or Prague?
Last week I visited Prague and I had quite high expectations. As a guide in Budapest I know the city, the buildings, the history and love the city. Could Prague compete? Yes it could. This should be an objective article, so I will try to keep it that way.

What I liked better in Prague!
In Prague the center felt much more compact and concentrated. It was not only one shopping street (as Vaci Utca in Budapest), but if you went into a sidestreet from the shopping street you could still find beautiful shopping streets, romantic sidewalks, outdoor cafes and restaurants. Of course we visited a shopping center, and it was a great experience to walk into Palladium, which from the outside looks as an oldfashioned building, but on the inside a very modern shoppingcenter (just like WestEnd in Budapest). But what I enjoyed the most was the really nice and compact inner city, and also the feeling that you will probably find something interested in the sidestreets as well. In that inner area of the city there was not much cars (big plus). The walk towards the castlearea can also be done in such circumstances! Enjoyable!

What I like better in Budapest!
There are a lot of things to say, but the view from the Pestside towards the Danube where you can see the Gellert Hill, the Castle, the Fishermens Bastion and so is to me much more enjoyable than the panorama in Prague. The panorama given from the Gellert Hill is as well outstanding! The bridges of Budapest is nicer as well (in my oppinion), though I have to say that the Charles Bridge in Prague is a nice piece of art. Of course this might vary (due to the fact that I did not eat in the best places in Prague), but I do prefer the restaurants in Budapest compared to those in Prague. Especially the principle of taken payed for placing bread or ketchup at your table (even though you do not eat of it or ask for it) feels a little bit strange.

This article could last forever, but I have to end it here. So, the decision is yours, but if you come to Budapest, join us on a guided tour, and fall in love with Budapest as well!