Really hot in Budapest

sun shining in budapestWe are in the middle of a period with really hot temperatures, so if you are coming to Budapest in the coming days you better bring some shorts and singlets, because during daytime we “enjoy” temperatures above 35 Celsius.

During the nights the temperatures go down to somewhere between 20-25 Celsius, making the nights a bit refreshing, but if you are staying in a hotel or apartment somewhere without air condition, it might turn into a nightmare where you have temperatures around 30 Celsius in your room.

The warmth is of course no excuse not to work, so in our Budapest Guide we have just launched a new design. If you have visited our page before you might not even see the difference, but if you should try to visit our site from your mobile phone or tablet, you will notice that our website has gotten far more mobile friendly.

Still, if you are in town and look for some refreshments, why not check out the brewery tour or a wine tasting?

Recommended summer hotels in Budapest

The summer is here again, and it is a great time to visit Budapest. In the summer you can enjoy a cool drink on a nice outdoor cafe, or maybe visit the Palatinus beach on the Margaret Island. But, where should you stay? Below you can find some recommendations.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest
Boscolo New York Palace

Eurostars Budapest
La Prima Fashion Hotel

Star Inn Budapest Centrum
Hotel Erzsebet Center