What is the best neighborhood in Budapest? Where to live in Budapest as a tourist? Which is the best hotel/apartment for me?

Budapest is a fantastic city and it has a lot to offer tourists. The city has 22 districts and covers more than 500 km2. As a result, it isn’t always easy to find out where to stay and which hotel/apartment is ideal for you as you visit the Hungarian capital. This article will give you helpful advice about some of the most popular Budapest districts and also come with concrete suggestions based on your needs and the size of your wallet.

We have met many tourists who booked a cheap hotel in Budapest, only to discover that it was located more than 10km outside the city center of Budapest. If you don’t mind spending lots of time traveling by public transportation, or if you rent a car, that is okay. But we do know that it isn’t an ideal situation for most travelers. Where should you book your hotel in Budapest? Let us take a closer look at the best areas.

The best areas to live in as a tourist in Budapest.

If you come to Budapest to discover the city, most people agree that the first, fifth, sixth, and seventh districts are the best. The first district is on the Buda side (near the Castle), while the fifth, sixth, and seventh districts are on Pest. Tourists, in general, spend most of their time at Pest, while Buda is somewhere they go once or twice as they visit the castle area and also Gellert Hill. Based on this, we normally recommend tourists to book a hotel on the Pest side as it saves them time whenever they go shopping, sightseeing, or eating in a restaurant.

hotels near st stephens basilica

District V (Belváros-Lipótváros):

This is the city center and the most popular neighborhood for tourists. It’s home to many of Budapest’s famous landmarks, such as the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and the shopping street Váci utca. This area is bustling with restaurants, cafes, and shops, and it also hosts traditional the famous Christmas markets and spring markets. If you want to live as close to the action as possible, it is worth booking a hotel or an apartment in this district. This area is popular among tourists, but it is quiet at night (meaning this is not where locals go to parties).

Would you like to book a hotel or an apartment in the fifth district of Budapest? Here you have some suggestions.

  • Hotel Aria: The most expensive and luxurious hotel in Budapest at the moment. It is very central, close to Budapest Eye, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and other famous attractions.
  • Hotel Zenit: Very close to the Danube and only 150 meters from the shopping street Váci utca. Ideal solution for those who want a cheap and brilliant four-star hotel in Budapest.
  • City Hotel Pilvax: Is your goal to live close to the shopping street, museums, and attractions, but without paying too much? This three-star hotel might be what you have been looking for.

All these hotels are close to metro stops, bus stops, and tram stops. That makes them ideal for traveling elsewhere in Budapest with public transportation or by taxi whenever that is needed.

District VII (Erzsébetváros):

It is said that Picasso liked to sleep during the day and stay up during the night to paint. Do you feel like Picasso? Would you rather sleep until noon and stay up until early morning? If you are a party creature, the seventh district in Budapest is for you. We should mention that the district is perfect for “normal” people as well, but it is extremely well-suited for those who plan on staying up drinking, dancing, and chatting after midnight.

In the seventh district, you find the famous synagogue in Budapest. This area was earlier a Jewish ghetto. Today it is a vibrant district that never goes to bed. Here tourists can visit some of the best pubs in the world, including Szimpla Kert (the most famous ruin bar in Budapest) and tens of others. Most restaurants close at midnight, but there are bars and clubs remaining open until early morning.

If you want to live here, we can recommend some of the following hotels/apartments:

  • Continental Budapest: A four-star hotel with elegance and luxury. It is a quiet hotel, but very close to attractions, bars, pubs, and restaurants.
  • Stories Boutique Hotel: It is located in Király utca, a street with lots of restaurants and stores. It is also close to the ruin pubs and bars.
  • Maverick City Lodge: This is the neighbor of Szimpla Garden, the legendary ruin pub in Budapest. The street is packed with other restaurants, bars, and pubs, making it the best place to stay if you plan on enjoying life to the max while visiting Budapest.

These hotels are also close to tram stops, metro stops, and bus stops. In other words, you can easily travel around Budapest if you decide to reserve a room in any of the mentioned hotels. Even though it is a different district, you can easily walk from any of these hotels to the shopping street (Váci utca) within less than 15 minutes from any of these hotels.

District VI (Terézváros):

The sixth district is located next to both the previously mentioned district, the fifth and the seventh. Just like the seventh district, it is a quite big district, meaning that it parts of it are very close to the city center, while you might end up far away from the city center if you book in the wrong area of the district.

Even though the seventh district is the number one district for nightlife, you will find several awesome ruin bars and pubs also in the sixth district. This is also an area with exclusive shopping along the Andrassy Avenue, the Hungarian State Opera, fancy restaurants, and cool theme restaurants such as Sir Lancelot (medieval), The Magic (Harry Potter), and Pirate Empire. If you visit one of those restaurants you will enjoy more than just the food on the table.

If you want to live in the sixth district we can recommend the following hotels.

  • Bliss Wellness: A quite cheap hotel with four stars in Budapest. It has an indoor pool and other wellness services available.
  • Revay Hotel: Are you only in need of a place to stay? This is a cheap three-star hotel with a great location in the sixth district of Budapest.

The hotels mentioned above are centrally located in the sixth district. They are good options, and you can reach the city center within 15-20 minutes of walking from both of them.

aerial view of budapest

District I (Castle District):

Don’t you mind walking across a bridge to reach the city center of Budapest? Would you like to live possibly in a hotel with a view towards the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament? Does it sound nice to live in a neighborhood quiet at night, but bustling with tourists during the day?

The first district in Budapest is the castle district. Here you can find the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s Bastion, and many other beautiful buildings and historical locations. Inside the walls surrounding the area, you will also find many restaurants, souvenir shops, and a grocery store. This area is full of tourists in the middle of the day, but in the evenings, it becomes strangely quiet.

The most famous hotel in this article is the Hilton Hotel which is the immediate neighbor of the Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion. This has a fantastic location with a view towards the Danube that will give you double joy while eating the marvelous breakfast the hotel is offering. There are other hotels within the castle walls as well, but they are just quiet and do not have the same view as the Hilton hotel.

Would you like to live in the castle area? These are some suggestions for you!

  • Hilton Buda: If you first live in the castle district, do it in a five-star way. Stay in the legendary Hilton hotel and enjoy the view towards the Parliament while eating your breakfast.
  • Hotel Castle Garden: This hotel is just outside the walls surrounding the castle. It is close to both the castle and the nearest metro station, making it ideal for those who want to live in a peaceful area on the Buda side, but still close to the castle and public transportation.

It is important to remember that people spend most of their time on the Pest side. It is easy to reach the city center on the Pest side using the castle bus. If you decide to walk on foot you should calculate spending 20-30 minutes, depending on your speed and exactly where you decide to live. Walking from Hilton Buda to Váci utca at normal speed with a nice view is fully possible in twenty minutes.

What is the price of a hotel room in Budapest?

Hungary has seen a steep price increase for all services since 2022. As a result, you should calculate spending at least 100 Euro per night for a double room, no matter what time of the year you arrive. You can, of course, find cheaper rooms, but that requires you to compromise either on the location or the quality. If you book a room in any of the hotels or apartments recommend above, you need to calculate at least 100 Euro per night. Some of them are, of course, much more expensive.

Hotel Aria which we mentioned as the best hotel in the fifth district often charges more than 400-500 Euro per night. Hilton Buda which is another exclusive five-star hotel often charges approximately 250 Euro per night for a double room.

It is worth looking around and if you find other hotels in the district you are interested in with better prices, choose one of those instead.

The goal of this article has been to introduce you to the different districts in Budapest where we believe it is ideal to live as a tourist. Based on this you will have an easier job understanding where you want to live, and thus, find a hotel suitable for your wallet and plans.

Should I live in a hotel or an apartment?

This is an essential question and both alternatives have pros and cons. If you travel as a family an apartment often makes it easier to live together at a cheaper cost. It is also great to have the chance to prepare food in the apartment and store food in a fridge. There are many apartments all around Budapest and they often give you more value for your money, especially if you travel with 3 people together or more.

A hotel is a brilliant option if you need a place to sleep, but don’t plan to spend much time in the actual hotel room. Here you can eat your breakfast and you don’t have to worry about anything. Many hotels have additional services such as swimming pools, saunas, taxi services, 24-hour reception, and own restaurants, making it less worrisome than if you have to fix everything yourself.

We hope the information in this article has helped you and given you insight and ideas for where to stay during your trip to Budapest. If you have further comments, questions, or input, please use the comment field below.

The Ten Best Hotels in Budapest in 2020

Where are you going to stay in Budapest during your trip to the city in 2020? Which is the best five star hotel in Budapest? Which hotel has the best panorama towards the Danube? Which is the best three star hotel in Budapest with a great location and cheap prices? The Budapest Guide presents to you the Ten Best Hotels in Budapest in 2020.

If you have read the introduction, you probably understand that we do not aim at listing the ten best hotels in Budapest, because then they would all be five-star hotels. Instead, we try to list the ten best hotels in Budapest that all are best within their very own category. Maybe you want to live in a super luxury hotel, but do not care so much about its location? Or maybe you want to live with splendor and luxury in the heart of the city? We have the best hotels for both of you.

Would you rather live in a great hotel that only has three or four stars, but still located in the city center? Or would you rather find a cheaper hotel that will give you great value for your money, and instead spend a few minutes every day using public transportation to get to the city center? Read on and find our recommendations!

Ten Best Hotels in Budapest in 2020

Here you have ten recommended hotels in Budapest. We hope you will find one suit exactly your needs and your travel desires.

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham – If all you want is luxury in Budapest

Is your only desire to live in the most luxurious hotel of them all in Budapest? You don’t care about price, nor location, but you just want gold and glory, and maybe even the chance to bump into Hollywood stars currently in Budapest working on a movie production (or something like that)?

The view from one of the nicest rooms in Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Budapest.
The view from one of the nicest rooms in Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Budapest.

The hotel you should stay in is the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham. This is located in the heart of the city, close to the Danube and with a splendid view towards the Chain Bridge. It is a glamorous hotel, and one of the most expensive places to stay in Budapest.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margaret Island – If you want quietness, thermal water (SPA), and no noise

The next hotel we want to recommend is located at the Margaret Island in Budapest. It is important to notice that this isn’t a hotel ideal for those who come to discover Budapest. It is way too far from the city center (30-45 minutes on foot), and it is located on an island in the middle of the Danube. The island itself is gorgeous, and it is one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) recreational areas in all of Budapest. Here you can walk in a green area, lie down in the grass to relax, go for a nice walk (or enjoy a jogging trip around the island on the 5km track), or just lie in the SPA of the hotel enjoying real thermal water (with high temperatures) and some of the other indoor activities available at the hotel.

Health Spa Resort hotel at the Margaret Island in Budapest
A nice room in the Health Spa Resort hotel on the Margaret Island

Again, this is the number one recreational hotel in Budapest if your goal is to relax. But, if you are on a city-trip, go somewhere else.

Erzsebet City Center – if you want to enjoy a three-star hotel in the heart of the city with good prices

Would you like to live in the heart of Budapest in a quiet street, but still close to the walking street and the Danube? Don’t care so much about the number of stars, but you still want to live in a nice hotel where you can enjoy a clean room, nice surroundings, and everything you require of a hotel room and a hotel building in itself? Hotel Erzsebet City Center is without a doubt a great place to stay.

Erzsebet City Center in Budapest – nice and cheap with three stars

The prices are much lower than those of most other hotels nearby, but you get high quality and a centrally located hotel in return. One of the best choices if you want location and quality at a low cost.

Mercure Korona – If you come with a large bus and want to park a bus next to the hotel

If you do not live in Budapest, you might not understand this, but if you do – you will! It is often a nightmare for groups who arrive with large buses from the airport (or from their own country and city) to park next to their hotel. Often they will find themselves dropped off a 5-minute walk from the hotel (or more), and that isn’t very ideal if you carry a lot of luggage, if it is raining, or so on. If it is important to you to live in a hotel that can have a bus park just next to it (and also pick you up on the same location), Mercure Korona is the number one hotel to pick for you.

Mercure Korona in Budapest
Mercure Korona – a hotel ideal for larger groups

It is centrally located, only 3-4 minutes on foot from the Grand Market Hall and the shopping street Vaci utca. You will find lots of amazing restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel, and it is also extremely easy to reach from the airport, making sure that you do not have to spend lots of unnecessary time in traffic before you arrive to the hotel. And, it will also save you quite a lot of minutes as you depart from your hotel in order to get back to the airport. The hotel has four stars!

Aria Hotel – One of the most complete hotel experiences in Budapest

Would you like to visit a hotel that has a rooftop bar with a beautiful view over Budapest, freshly pressed juice for breakfast, floors, and rooms with classical music style and named after famous composers and just one of the nicest hotel experiences available in all of Budapest? Hotel Aria the hotel to pick.

Aria Hotel in Budapest
An amazing view and a fantastic interior at the Aria Hotel in Budapest

Hotel Aria is located next to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, one of the nicest areas in Budapest and very centrally located. From here you can reach all central locations in a short time, while enjoying a stay in one of the most praised hotels in all of Budapest.

7Seasons Apartments – If you want an apartment with space for more people together

It is always nice to stay together with friends and family in an apartment as you come to Budapest. Not only do you have more space to live in, but you can also cook your own food, make your own breakfast, and save quite a lot of money compared to living in a hotel. But, which apartment should you choose?

A fantastic apartment complex in Budapest, 7Seasons Apartments.
If you want to live in an apartment in Budapest, 7Seasons is the answer

There are lots of apartments available in Budapest, but if you want to go for one of the safest bets with a central location in Budapest, go for 7Seasons Apartments. It has a beautiful reception, and it almost feels like a hotel, but at the same time you will get very nice prices and big rooms with space for the entire family at the same time.

Mercure City Center – If you want four stars in the shopping street with good prices

For those who want to live in the shopping street of Budapest in a nice four-star hotel, Mercure City Center might be what you are looking for. The hotel is super central, and normally they have very good rates available. Once you leave the building you can walk around in the shopping street of Budapest, and you can also eat in a very nice Italian restaurant located next to the entrance of the building.

The entrance of the Mercure City Center in Budapest
Leave the hotel and walk in the shopping street if you stay in Mercure City Center.

It is easy to get to the hotel with smaller cars (ideal for smaller groups), while larger groups might have trouble parking just next to the hotel.

This is still a perfect solution for those who want to live in the very heart of the best part of the shopping street in a four star hotel with nice prices.

Hotel Marriott – Five stars with a view towards the Danube

This is one of our favorite hotels in Budapest, at least if you want to live in a hotel where all rooms look in the direction of the Danube River. Here you can enjoy the view towards the Castle Hill, the Chain Bridge, the Gellert Hill, the Elisabeth Bridge, and see all the nice and romantic boats on the River Danube from the window of your room. The hotel also has an amazing fitness room which will let you enjoy this stunning view while doing your daily amount of exercise.

The Marriott Hotel in Budapest
Marriott is the hotel to stay in if you want a magnificent panorama towards the Danube.

Hotel Marriott is a nice five-star hotel and they also have a parking lot next to the hotel where you might be lucky enough to park with a big bus as well, making this an ideal hotel for those who want to live in luxury by the Danube in Budapest, or for groups who want to stay centrally in Budapest for their conference or trip to Budapest.

Hilton Buda – If you like retro and the Hilton brand

We normally don’t recommend the Hilton Buda hotel, simply because it is located on the Buda side and most people spend 85% of their time on the Pest side as they visit Budapest. But, if you want to live in one of the most interesting hotels in Budapest, Hilton Buda still might be the number one place to go.

This hotel is built on the ruins of an old monastery, making it a tourist attraction in itself. Here you can taste wine in an old wine cellar, enjoy a panorama view towards the Danube, and dine in a restaurant with view towards the Hungarian Parliament and other sights. Few hotels are located in such beautiful surroundings in Budapest, and as you can see on the picture beneath, it is located next to the Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion.

Hilton Buda is located at one of the most beautiful locations in all of Budapest.
Hilton Buda is located at one of the most beautiful locations in all of Budapest.

The district itself is peaceful, especially early in the morning and in the evening as most tourists leave the area to return to the Pest side.

Hotel Gozsdu Court – If you want a nice, modern, three-star hotel in the heart of the busy seventh district

The seventh district of Budapest is well known for its amazing life. Here you can find some of the most popular ruin pubs in Budapest, and here you will have things happening all around you from early morning till early morning (again). The Gozsdu Court is an amazing area, and here you can find lots of restaurants and street-food, small stores, and one of the busiest areas of the town for those who want to enjoy life, eat delicious food and have a good time.

Hotel Gozsdu Court in budapest
Hotel Gozsdu Court is perfect for those who want an apartment/hotel in the busy seventh district of Budapest.

The area is very close to the heart of the city, so it is only 5-6 minutes of walk from the hotel to get to the shopping street and, in a few more minutes, be by the River Danube. This place is ideal for families and larger groups as they have apartments available with as much as three bedrooms available.

Some things worth noticing about the list

As you might have noticed, almost all the hotels on this list are located on the Pest side. That is simply due to the fact that most people spend 85% of their time in Budapest on the Pest side. An average visitor will visit the Buda side to visit the Gellert Hill and the Castle area, but they will spend most of their time eating, drinking and doing their shopping on the Pest side. For that reason, we normally recommend our visitors to live on the Pest side, and rather just get across the Danube to visit the Buda-side whenever that is needed.

More programs worth checking out in Budapest

When you come to Budapest, it is important to stay in a nice hotel. But, it is just as important to book a table in the best restaurants and to make reservations for the important programs that you want to enjoy while in the city.

Did you know that we can help you out with several awesome programs in Budapest? We can, for example, help you out with some of these programs.

These are just some of the services we can help you with as you come to Budapest. Make sure to read more about the activities you are interested in, and contact us if we can help you out with any of the selected activities and programs.

If you have any further comments or questions about hotels in Budapest, use the comment field beneath and we will do our best to assist you with answers and help!

Hotels near the Christmas markets in Budapest

Are you looking for a hotel near the Christmas markets in Budapest? Which hotel should you pick? Here you have some suggestions for centrally located hotels in Budapest near the most important Christmas markets!

As you might know already, Budapest is a fantastic city. And even though the city is fantastic all year round, it is especially beautiful before Christmas. That is when the Christmas lights are turned on, and the Christmas markets at the Vorosmarty square and the Saint Stephen’s square open.

The two biggest and most important Christmas markets in Budapest
The two biggest and most important Christmas markets in Budapest

The two circles show the areas of the two biggest Christmas markets. As you can see, they are located close to one another, meaning that there only is a short walk between both markets. Based on these locations, it is quite easy to find a hotel centrally located close to both Christmas markets.

Hotels near the Christmas markets in Budapest

It all depends on how much money you want to spend, but here you will find some recommendations that will make the Christmas markets easy to visit throughout the day without walking very much!

The five-star option – Kempinski

This hotel is located by the green square which you can see on the map above, almost in the middle between the two Christmas markets. It is an amazing five-star hotel with all the exclusive and nice features you might need. A sure winner if you want a central location combined with luxury!

If you want to swim in between your visits to the Christmas markets, choose Kempinski.
If you want to swim in between your visits to the Christmas markets, choose Kempinski.

A four-star option – Mercure City Center

This is a very central hotel located in the Vaci utca (the shopping street). It is very close to the Christmas market at Vorosmarty square (only a few minutes away), and a little bit further away from the other market. But, you can still reach the market at the Szent Istvan ter within less than 10 minutes on foot. The hotel normally has very good prices and considering that it is a four-star hotel, it should be worth taking into consideration.

A three-star option – Hotel Central Basilica

If you want to live closer to the Christmas market in front of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, this is as close as it gets. Hotel Central Basilica is a three-star option that will give you a brilliant location at a low price. It isn’t as luxurious as the other two hotels, but it will do the job for most tourists who plan on spending more time outside the hotel than on the inside.

near the Christmas markets in Budapest
Hotel Central Basilica is ideal if you want to live close to the Christmas markets in Budapest

These are some suggestions to those looking for a hotel near the Christmas markets in Budapest. There are several hundred hotels to pick from, but not all of them have a central location. And it is true, you save a lot of time living at a central location. It might be more expensive than living far outside the city center, but if you first spend money on a flight ticket, an airport transfer, and other services, why not spend a few dollars extra in order to live at a good location as well?

If you have further questions or comments related to hotels located near the main Christmas markets in Budapest, write them in the comment field.

Book your Budapest hotel much cheaper!

We all want to save money wherever it is possible. We like to pay for quality, but if we find the same quality and the same product cheaper somewhere else, we like to purchase the product in the cheapest possible way.

And then comes the question – why pay more than needed for the hotel room you will live in during your stay in Budapest? We are not speaking about staying in a rat-hole with cockroaches, but why pay more for the exact same room you were planning to stay in when there is a cheaper option?

Book a cheaper hotel room in Budapest
Why pay more for your Budapest hotel? Source: Pixabay

How can I get the hotel room cheaper?

We just discovered an interesting in an article in the IP Address Guide that was about how you can get cheaper hotel rooms. It is easy to be a skeptic to such articles, but this was really interesting to watch and to read.

They did a live presentation in which they compared the booking services and prices at Booking.com with a new cryptocurrency based platform named Locktrip. There you can see them compare the prices of the Sofitel 5 star hotel in Budapest on the Booking.com and the Locktrip platform. And for a stay of three nights the difference in price for exactly the same product was 75 USD. They further tested other hotel rooms in other cities, and the differences in price was between 10-20% on all booking prices.

The Locktrip platform isn’t any different from the other hotel booking engines, and the fact that it is cryptocurrency based isn’t something you need to worry about. You can simply register, and pay for all your bookings in your local currency with your current payment card. It is important that you need to register at the platform in order to see the prices of the different rooms in your local currency. Before you register you will only see the prices in LOC (the name of the cryptocurrency). But, the value of the token can be seen at all times, meaning that you can easily find the price of the hotel room in your local currency, also without registering at the Locktrip website.

In other words, time to test Locktrip

It is easy to check it out and free to register. As you check the prices, compare them with your favorite booking engine. If you find it to be cheaper, do your booking on the cheapest platform (which most likely will be the Locktrip platform), and use the “saved” money on some cool activity or delicious food in Budapest!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest!

The best hotels in the world 2015

According to the traveler’s choice the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Hungary is one of the best hotels of 2015 in the whole world. The hotel is ranked number four on the list of the best hotels of 2015. The first three best hotels are Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens and Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap.

Four Seasons Budapest
Four Seasons Budapest

The Four Seasons is based in the capital city of Hungary in Budapest and the beautiful Gresham Palace gives home to this spectacular luxury hotel. The hotel has the ideal location for sightseeing as it is located in the heart of the city just right at the Danube, at the end of the Chain Bridge with a beautiful view over the Danube and the hills of Buda. Most of the attractions and historical monuments in the city is in walking distance as well as the nicest restaurants, pubs and clubs. The Four Seasons has excellent service, spa, indoor swimming pool and gym as well. At the spa you can have different treatments from massages through body, facial treatments to hand and foot treatments. You can continue your relaxation at the indoor swimming pool which is located on the top floor of the hotel next to the spa. The hotel also has separated steam rooms for woman and man and unisex sauna.

If you want to check the full list of the best hotels of 2015 check this site and if you want to know more on the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Budapest click on this link for more information.

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
Budapest, Roosevelt Ter 5-6, 1051, Hungary

Check prices and availability for this hotel at booking.com

My top 3 Budapest winter hotels

It’s January and it’s cold outside. The wind is blowing and even though the thermometer shows a temperature of 4 Celsius, it feels like minus 10 and I dream of a hot chocolate and some warm goulash soup. When life is like that and its winter, where should I stay in Budapest?

The following three hotels are great throughout the entire year, but I believe that during the winter these will work exceptionally well.


The five star hotel located by the Danube most be an ideal place to live during winter time in Budapest. The hotel has great indoor opportunities, so you can for example visit the gym and be healthy while watching the beautiful panorama. The hotel also has SPA area where you can get treatments, relax in a sauna and take a swim. Inside the hotel you can find the great Peppers! restaurant and I do not need to say that the location is perfect. All windows look towards the Danube and as always with Marriott, this hotel also provide excellence and quality!

Homepage: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/budhu-budapest-marriott-hotel/
Book a room: booking.com

Marriott Budapest

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

The hotel has several years in a row been voted to be the most luxurious of all Budapest hotels. From the first minute you enter the hotel you will feel surrounded by luxury and great service. The Royal SPA will treat you as a royal guest and you might even bump into a celebrity or two if you are lucky. Inside the building you will find Szamos, a nice place for some traditional Hungarian cakes and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and you will also find an upper class Hungarian restaurant, Bock Bistro. Guaranteed luxury and if you need help with transportation from the hotel to anywhere in the city they have great service provided by taxi drivers you can trust.

Homepage: http://www.corinthia.com/en/Budapest/home/
Book a room: booking.com

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

Eurostars Budapest Center

The two hotels first mentioned both have five stars. In the winter time five star hotels in Budapest can get quite cheap, but if you would like a cheaper stay then Eurostars Budapest Center is a great option. It is central, modern and good breakfast. As you leave the building you will only have to walk for 4 minutes and you will find yourself surrounded by fashion stores in the shopping street Váci utca. This hotel has not got the luxury of Marriott or Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, but it is perfect for those on a lower budget who only require a hotel with nice breakfast, nice rooms and a good location!

Homepage: http://www.eurostarsbudapestcenter.com/EN/hotel.html
Book a room: booking.com

Eurostars Budapest Center

The hardest choice was whether I should pick La Prima Fashion Hotel or Eurostars Budapest Center as the one four star hotel to be featured. I ended up with Eurostars Budapest Center, but if you want to live a bit more expensive just next to the shopping street in a modern and new four star hotel, choose La Prima Fashion Hotel instead.

Have you got any favorite hotel in Budapest? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Great spring hotels in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most amazing cities in the world to visit during spring. The sun is shining, the view is stunning and the people smile and enjoy that the winter has finally left them. One important thing when preparing for such a travel is to find a good hotel and here we have some recommendations for you.

When you look for a hotel in Budapest you should absolutely go for a hotel with a central location. A good location makes everything easier and you do not have to spend lots of time getting to the shopping street and central areas. A good price is important as well, so here we will recommend you three hotels in Budapest with great prices and fantastic location at the moment.

Recommended spring hotels in Budapest
Sofitel ChainBridge (*****)
Estilo Fashion Hotel (****)
Hotel Central Basilica (***)

Budapest hotel

Hotel recommendations

Every winter we normally write a list recommending some great hotels in Budapest. I just realized that Budablogger at Budapest blog has already done so. Therefore we recommend that you visit the blog and read his blog post. He does not feature any three star hotel in hist list, so if you are looking for a great three star hotel in this period we would recommend Hotel Erzsebet in the very center of Budapest probably.

We also use the opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and see you soon in Budapest!

Hotels in Budapest

A small little news is that we have a new mobile Budapest Guide site in the process. It is not at all finished, but as it will be finished you can find it at the following address. The mobile Budapest Guide will let you read about the most popular Budapest programs, book a table at quite some restaurants, find information and prices on guided tour and different excursions and some basic Budapest information.

Good Budapest hotels now!

The late summer and the autumn is the most popular time of the year to visit Budapest, and we already notice an increased amount of requests dealing with guided tours, excursions, Danube Cruises and similar activities. But, a very important part of the planing is finding a suitable hotel in central Budapest, and we have written this article to help you. The hotels mentioned are all located in central Budapest and they have good prices on hotel rooms at the moment.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest and hope you find a good hotel suiting your needs and your budget.

Good Budapest hotels now

Mercure City Center (****)
Iberostar Grand Hotel (*****)
Sofitel (*****)
La Prima Fashion (****)
Hotel Erzsebet City Center (***)

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What is the best five star hotel in Budapest?

What is the best 5 star hotel in Budapest?

It is impossible to really answer such a question, as no answer is totally objective, and everyone will answer differently to that question. But, we can at least try to answer it, and then hopefully this answer will make it a bit easier for you to decide what five star hotel you want to stay in while in Budapest! Budapest is not the place for luxury chalets, but rather large large luxurious hotels in the city center with magnificent decorations on the inside, a real royalty feeling to them and service that make you feel like a dignity or some other super star, at least that is the way it is supposed to be!

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

If you visit a site such as TripAdvisor they will say that Corinthia Grand Hotel Royalis the best five star hotel in Budapest. The hotel has been voted among the most luxurious hotels in the world year after year and it is without a doubt a brilliant hotel with an amazing service, a wonderful Royal Spa on the inside and other services. Our problem with the hotel is the location, a bit outside the inner city center and not really ideal in our eyes. But, if you plan on staying a lot inside the hotel and only want pure luxury, this is probably it!

For a long time Four Seasons, located by the Danube and the Chain Bridge has been very popular among stars and celebrities coming to Budapest. It has a brilliant location, great service and everything is perfect, still – for us something is missing!

Some would say New York Palace, but the problem is the same as with Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, the location (they are almost neighbours).

So, if we would decide – and in this answer we do… our favourite hotel would be Kempinski. It has a brilliant location, though the minus is that it has no view of Danube. But, within a few minutes you can walk to the Danube and that will have to do. You are near public transportation, near the shopping street, near a big park and everything can be reached within minutes from here. The hotel looks very nice both on the inside and the outside, and they have a very nice spa area, lots of treatments available and it is a stunning hotel! If the Danube view is important, we would go for Four Seasons instead!

Maybe you do not agree? Write your comment and share your wisdom on the subject!

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